Koivu And Kovalev Together Again. In A Box

I was in Wal-Mart in Courtenay the other day and while waiting for a prescription, decided to stroll around because Wal-Mart is a good people-watching place and an excellent store to witness nagging wives berate their poor, broken husbands about how they need more good towels because he wrecked the last ones checking the oil in their 1983 shitbox.

So I was in the toy aisle, and like some kind of simple twist of fate, there on the shelf were the McFarlane hockey figurines, which consisted of Saku Koivu and Alex Kovalev together in one box. I didn’t buy it because (1) it was 35 bucks, and (2) these guys play for the enemy now.0787926752946-g

4 thoughts on “Koivu And Kovalev Together Again. In A Box”

  1. When you told the doctor you needed something for “no hockey on TV,” did he suggest a range of medications, or is there like a go-to drug for that. Just curious because I have an appt in an hour.

  2. You are tempted though aren’t you? I think I’ll look for that set at my Wal-mart. Some years ago McFarlane had a set of Koivu and then Edmonton goalie Salo and I did not want to pay that price for Salo. This one with Koivu and Kovalev I think I might get especially now that Koivu is gone. Him being on another team does not change my appreciation for him as a player and as a “most of his career” hab. And Kovalev maybe just for his skills video which is pretty sick. Buying this set already knowing that they no longer are habs is easier to take then buying both Theodore and Ryder only to see them both tank their next seasons and then get traded. Now if Koivu and Kovalev have bad years it won’t bother me.

  3. Like Leonard Cohen said, “There ain’t no cure for love.” My suggestion for no hockey is more beer. It dulls the pain.

  4. I was tempted. But I really don’t have no room. I did get the Rocket one awhile back because I’ll always find room for the Rocket. If I was more of a McFarlane collector I would have for sure and I hummed and hawed about Koivu and Kovalev but decided against it.

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