Knuckles’ Ring Thing

Whitey Bulger says Chris Nilan gave him Chris’s 1986 Habs Stanley Cup ring. Chris says he didn’t.

Who to believe.

I believe Knuckles. You think I’m going to take the side of an 83-year old Boston mobster, found guilty of a bunch of gangland murders and various other activities? And he’s from Boston so he’s probably a Bruins fan. No way I’m siding with a Boston mobster who cheers for the Bruins.

I’m going with the guy who played for the Montreal Canadiens. A guy who stuck up for his teammates every time he stepped on the ice. A blue-collar guy. A team guy.

That, and Mr. Nilan seems like a nice enough fellow when I hear him on TSN690 talking about his long and bumpy road.

But I have to admit, when I first heard this story, I thought that it might have been something Chris could have done when he was living a life of hangovers. I can see it happening. But he says he didn’t and that’s good enough.

Knuckles used to be married to the daughter of Whitey’s ex-girlfriend. That’s not even close. That’s like saying my aunt’s cousin’s nephew was lead singer for Iron Butterfly.

Chris says he gave the ring to his dad, and when GM Serge Savard heard about it, he ordered another one made for Chris. This is an all round feel-good story.  And it’s as cool as it gets, being in the position to give dad your Stanley Cup ring. Not to some guy who doesn’t exactly have a 9 to 5 job.

It’s a crazy story. And maybe Whitey thinks the ring’s real but it’s actually one of those knock-offs you can buy on eBay for fifty bucks.

I’m on Chris’s side on this. I don’t trust mobsters.

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