Knuckles Chats

Really, really great interview with Knuckles Nilan about French and English, fighting for a living, his personal problems, all kinds of interesting things.

It can be seen right here –  on Emission 411, a French show with host Benoit Dutrizac, with the interview in English.

But you must be a tad patient. You have to get through about three commercials and a two minute interview with somebody else.

But the wait’s worth it, because the Knuckles part is interesting and also about thirty minutes long.

3 thoughts on “Knuckles Chats”

  1. Weiss’s dad is a Habs FAN, wEISS WEARS ##22 and IS DELIGHTED TO BE A hAB— DID HE ASK FOR SWEATER # 22 SORRY there went my ineptitude on the key-board again. Are we in for a treat seeing this guy in the line-up? Maybe we’re going to get excited watching Habs games again PLEASE let it be so.

  2. White got a goal— assist—–Weiss!!! And P.K.!!! We are on a roll. I don’t get the game so it’s going to be good!! Chin up folks, the Habs are BACK!! [least I hope so] Acting like a kid, better go to bed.

  3. Sweet is the taste of victory! & Big old Pac. more than made up for the missed penalty shots! hatrick king! Vives les Habs! Now we see them bust out &gain another win Saturdy night. Till then & bienvenue et bonjour to our friend from Finland!

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