Kirk Muller Makes His Move

After five years as assistant coach with the Montreal Canadiens, Kirk Muller is no longer in the fold. This nice guy, whom my wife has a crush on, has become the new head coach of the American Hockey League Milwaukee Admirals, an affiliate of the Nashville Predators.

I don’t suppose anyone’s surprised. Rumours and speculation flew around for months about the possibility of Muller making some sort of move, although the recent word was that he was on his way to the Chicago Wolves, the new Vancouver affiliate, which of course didn’t happen.

So long, Kirk, and good luck. We know you’ll do well, and we know we’ll see you sooner than later as an NHL bench boss. Just wish it was as Montreal’s bench boss.

4 thoughts on “Kirk Muller Makes His Move”

  1. Dennis do you know if Muller was offered Randy Cunneyworth’s job in Hamilton last year? If he wasn’t, would he have stayed with the Canadiens if he had that position?

    On the bright side, with the pressure and expectation of winning in Montreal, I don’t expect Jacques Martin to remain as head coach as long as Barry Trotz in Nashville where scanning the crowd for little miss idol is a bigger draw.

  2. Hi Chris. I really don’t know if he was offered the Hamilton job or not. As far as staying, I guess he felt good old Jacques might be here for awhile. And really, who knows if Muller will make a good NHL coach or not. It still remains to be seen.

  3. Hey Dennis, Ya I’m thinking another great one gets away.I always liked Kirk,whether when he was playing or as the assistant coach of the Habs.He is a classy induvidual that will be missed.Who knows he may return ala Bob Gainey and Guy Carboneau.

  4. wasn’t muller interviewed for some nhl head coaching jobs? for what ever reason he was passed over but that could be for a million reasons that have nothing to do with ability and/or experience……. my first thought echoed chris as far as the trotz/martin longevity is concerned. unfortunately, martin ain’t goin’ anywhere unless the habs really f@#$% up. even i don’t dislike him that much to wish for that……hope your lovely wife is taking it alright.

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