Kings Capture Opener

They’re clapping in Burbank and Long Beach and rattling their jewelry in Beverly Hills as the Los Angeles Kings grab the all-important first game of the Stanley Cup Final by beating the New Jersey Devils 2-1 in overtime.

Anze Kopitar scored the winner, and the thing about Kopitar is that not only is he a big, point-getting Slovenian, but he’s also a big, point-getting Slovenian who speaks English with barely a trace of an accent. I find this very impressive.

Slovenia sits just off Italy, near Austria.

I saw only parts of this big first game, and it seemed the game lacked flow and big-game excitement. Although maybe I just missed the parts where there was flow and excitement. And I didn’t see the overtime.

Some might say I’m a terrible hockey fan. But hell, it’s almost summer. And it’s also been 55 days now since the Canadiens played their last game.

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