Kings Become Kings

The Los Angeles Kings are new Stanley Cup champions with their one-sided 6-1 win over the New Jersey Devils, but it was a side plot that will make for fine conversation all summer.

It was unfortunate the entire episode happened in the first place. One major penalty and the suspense of a big game six was sucked out like air from a balloon.

Things were all even in the first period when the Devils’ Steve Bernier rammed Rob Scuderi into the boards, was given a five-minute boading penalty plus an ejection from the game, and during the five-minute power play, the Kings scored three times and the game was basically over. Just like that. Somehow it doesn’t seem right.

Imagine how lousy Bernier must feel. From the dressing room, he surely must have heard the roar from the Los Angeles crowd when the goals began to go in. The first roar must have sucked. With the second roar, his heart must have dropped down around his ankles. When the third came, I’m sure he felt like puking.

Devils’ fans were probably sick too.

Scuderi was back for the second, but when they showed him on the bench, he looked to be in rough shape. Like I said, the whole thing was very unfortunate.

Good for the Kings in winning it all. They enjoyed a tremendous playoffs, taking out Vancouver in five games, sweeping St. Louis, beating Phoenix in five, and winning in six games in the Final against New Jersey. Just an absolutely solid two months for the Kings, who capture their very first title after 44 years of trying. Fine Orillian and the Kings’ first play-by-play man Jiggs McDonald might be shedding tears of joy right now..

And now it’s over, with all 30 teams starting even again. Montreal’s tied for first.


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  1. That last minute of play was the best play by play comentary I have heard since Danny Gallivan …………HNIC broadcast…… Every time I go the CBC sports to live stream the game, it automatically gives it to me in Punjabi. What goddamn country are we in anyway?

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