Kings And Rangers Next

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention at least something regarding the great Kings-Hawks series that just wrapped up with a game 7 overtime win for L.A.

Great series. One of the best ever. Exciting and dramatic. Everything good about the sport.

I didn’t see much. It’s just what I heard.

Should I apologize for not being a good hockey fan? For not watching a lot of this great series that just wrapped up? For not paying as much attention after the Habs bowed out?


But enough about that.

Danny Gallivan speaks and Jean Beliveau lights the lamp in game seven of the 1965 Cup Finals.

The Canadiens would hoist the hardware after winning this game 4-0, and Mr. Beliveau would win the league’s first-ever Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP.

12 thoughts on “Kings And Rangers Next”

  1. The Kings were the best team I saw playing the Habs. That disaster in the Bell Centre convinced me they we the team to beat, and based on that fact alone, I picked them to win the cup.

    I wonder if Krieder’s going to crash Quick? I don’t see the Rangers lasting beyond five games…

  2. Its LA in 6 at the most over the Rangers….I wanted Chicago to win because of their great speed and skill…

    The power in the NHL is heavily waited to the West….

  3. Nothing to do with Kings – Rangers, or Kings – ‘Hawks as I couldn’t give a rats shite about any of those teams, but everything to do with an old story from my Dad you’ve triggered, Dennis. It has everything to do with the great #4, Le Gros Bill. LCC – Lower Canada College, in my Dad’s day (40s, 50s), had an outdoor rink right by the street, not sure if it still does. But, circa 1957-58, my father still remembers going to school on a winter morning and walking by the LCC wrought iron fence and seeing none other than Jean bloody Believeau himself practicing ALONE on the ice, shooting puck after puck after puck on a single net. Nobody else around, just big Jean. My father would tell me that the thing that stuck with him the most was seeing Beliveau skate out to past centre ice and shoot wristers and score on the net every time ! … [ on a side note, the boys from LCC, one of Montreal oldest, if not oldest, private schools, used to be the target of my father and all of his friends, ‘da hoods from the “wrong side of the tracks” down around Ste. Urbain, etc. ]

    P.S. Thanks so much for that amazing, amazing clip of the ’65 Finals, Dennis ! Provost did a job on Hull those finals, he did. 🙂

  4. It’s hard to cheer for any team besides the Habs. But who would I prefer to win the Cup (if I had to chose)? Probably the Rangers.

    1) they’re the underdog. Really under…
    2) Our loss 6-0 against LA was embarrassing and WE WERE THERE AND I WILL NEVER FORGET!!
    3) The West is the Best is the motto we heard all year, what an upset that would be.
    4) I usually go for anyone except the team that has beat us but I find that our series with the Rangers was not a war. Not like the Bruins or the Lafs. Although it’s very hard to forgive Kreider, I have some respect for the following:
    a) Martin St-Louis: I didn’t like the was Yz disrespected him. I mean, really, it’s his trade to the Rangers that ignited their energy. Great defense ok, but it takes an energy (and a crisis (Mom dying) to elevate their energy the way it was.
    b) Domenic Moore: I loved him when he played for us and cursed the Gauthier team for trading him. I was shocked. I thought he was fast, a good scorer (hello game 6!) and possessed a je ne sais quoi. I wish we had him back.
    Ben Pouliot: ok, I know he’s not everyone’s favorite, however, you have to admit that he played really well for the Rangers and Bruins (although he takes really stupid and bad-timing penalties — surely something any coach can work on) and I think he could have been THAT player for us if we didn’t have Jacques Martin.
    5) oh and King Henrik is really hot. And that matters.

    So for me, I won’t put on a Blue Shirt like Youppie did, but meh, go rangers go (all low caps)…

  5. Mike, on the other side of the coin, what if the Rangers shocked everyone and won it all?

  6. Wow, Travis, what a story. That’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard – walking by a rink and Jean Beliveau is there skating and shooting by himself. Tabernac! That’s fantastic.
    And yes, Provost was told by Blake to shadow him even when he had to go to the bathroom. Only half joking of course. .

  7. Marjo, I remember when you guys went to that game. But at least if the Kings win it all, you can say you saw the Cup champs hard at work. And I still think Lundqvist is kind of goofy looking.

  8. You mean they’re still playing hockey? Once all Canadian teams are eliminated, they should flip a coin to pick the winner. It’s not like anyone in LA will even notice. They’re more interested in who’s in the stands.

  9. Bettman would do cartwheels if the Rangers won and every product in America would be endorsed by the likes of Benny Pouilot for the next 6 years. No thanks. And I’m a bitter fan.

    Go Kings.

  10. People Hockey’s over for another season, fire up the barbi!
    Here’s to a great Canadiens season in 2014.
    les Canadiens sont la!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kind of torn between wanting the Rangers to win so Habs fans can boast about losing only to the best team in the NHL and the feelings of revenge of wanting the Kings to handing the Rangers their collective asses back to them.

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