Killed By Kings

Things were going swimmingly for the boys on Thursday evening at the old Bell barn. They were displaying some mighty fine vim and vigour, outskating and outplaying the visiting L.A. Kings, and if the hockey gods had any decency at all, the light would be lit soon.

The light would be lit all right. Twice, within 11 seconds. By the other team.

Another loss was on the books. A 4-0 drubbing by the L.A. Kings.

Possibly due to the implosion near the end of the first frame, when the Kings beat Carey Price twice, first at the 18.59 mark, and then again seconds later.

For a team that has trouble scoring at the best of times (except when they put five past Panthers backup James Reimer on Tuesday), having two goals scored against them in 11 seconds, with a minute left to play in the opening period, and trying to come back after such a frustrating turn of events, is asking the impossible.

It’s a fragile group, these Montreal Canadiens. Maybe they need more money. C’mon people, line up for an hour to buy a couple of autographs at their next signing appearance. Tell them how great they are while you’re at it.

I feel bad for their wives and girlfriends. What can I do to cheer them up?

In the second period, the Canadiens again looked hungry, but Anze Kopitar blew a wrister past Carey Price, it was 3-0, and I was ready to turn the channel to CNN to see what kind of an ass Donald Trump made of himself in the last few hours.

In the third, it became a 4-0 rout. Time for fans to head to the exits, even though just four minutes had been played. Maybe head to the exits if the ticket was free, otherwise, suck it up and have another $12 beer.

Random Notes:

Habs outshot LA 40-27 and were 0/5 on the pp.

The Kings beat the CH 5-1 in L.A. last Wednesday.

Fans booed the team and Price was jeered whenever he made an easy save. The world is not unfolding as it should.

I pray I never see a sweater hit the ice. The crest is the crest.

Habs GM Marc Bergevin said at his recent press conference that there are elite teams, and then a bunch of good ones, which he included his team in. You’ve had five years to make it an elite team, Marc. Just being good is loser talk.

Next up – Saturday, when the Rangers pay a visit.

7 thoughts on “Killed By Kings”

  1. Unless this team goes on a tear in the next week, this session is a write off. And it’s not even Halloween yet. The fans should be on the guys like white on rice. Booing after every failed PP, defensive miscue, weak goal. 25 years of futility is enough. Habs fans should be demanding better. The modern day fan doesn’t know any better. The vast majority of them weren’t even born when the likes of Lafleur, Shutt, Dryden, Robinson, Beliveau, Richard etc. were playing. I was and to see this watered down garbage they pass off as hockey is frustrating. Why eat Spam when you’re used to caviar? I guess that’s what you get when millionaires are playing and there are no consequences. Bergevin and Molson’s mindset is the same. A good team makes us just as much money as a great team. Unless the tap is turned off nothing will change. A collective F U is what fans should be telling them.

  2. It’s pretty hard to take, Billy. Five or six years ago I was more than happy to see Marc Bergevin hired, and the first thing he did was buy out Scott Gomez, which made my day. I had full confidence in him and defended him often. Now I look at him differently. I see band aid solutions and almost no real earth shattering moves. I don’t agree with him getting rid of all the Russians. I don’t understand some of his choices like Ales Hemsky. I don’t see this team going anywhere soon, so it’s just another dismal season in a long line of dismal seasons.

  3. Boy what a mess this season appears to be…at least for the sample of 10 games we’ve witnessed. It’s easy to have a good ideas after the fact but in my opinion MB is showing his real lack of experience but he does speak French and there’s always that. The off season non-signings obviously has hurt. Dennis I don’t think they purposely got rid of the Russians. They did make offers to Radulov, Markov and tried to get Emelin back after not protecting him. That aside though the team has slipped quite a bit. I am not particularly sold on Druion being a superstar that much although I see he is a slippery type and has a really good shot so we have to wait for him maybe to move to a star status. However he needs support also to see his real potential blossom. All in all I agree it will likely be a challenging season for the once glorious Habs.

  4. Hi Cliff. Yes, what a mess. They can’t score, the defence is porous, and the goaltending mediocre. Quite the combination. At least Mete has been a bright spot. Sergachev probably would’ve been too if they had kept him. Drouin’s a good player but hasn’t been a big difference maker just yet. That’s ten games in the books, and I wonder what the next ten games will give us. They play NY, Ottawa, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Chicago, Vegas, Minnesota, Buffalo, Columbus, and Arizona during this stretch. One would think that they can win the majority of these games. But you only win when you put the puck in the net.

  5. And to add to the despair it appears Martin Reway may be hanging up his skates due to health issues. The only thing that keeps me going is this motto…”sometimes things have to break before they get better.” Remember I am a proud Canadian living in the American political nightmare…so I repeat that motto often!

  6. Thanks for that, Pat. Terrible news about Reway. For the Habs though, I don’t think he was an option. Just too small, I guess. Hang in there during the political nightmare. Think of the cheap gas prices. And it’s still a great country regardless.

  7. Pat it must be a strain living in the US now. I spent over 13 years in the US or one of its territories and always considered it a great experience but that was 80’s and 90’s and a much different place then. It is kind of unsettling to watch what is evolving there now. They have some mighty big challenges going forward to reel things back in.

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