Kids Get This Too

Did you think I was just going to let this slide?

Kids already get everything. They get driven to malls and rinks. They get their clothes and their video games bought for them. They’re cooked and cleaned for, they don’t pay bills, there’s no divorces, and they get the most presents at Christmas. They get Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny. They get all kinds of good stuff.

So how come they get this too?

11 thoughts on “Kids Get This Too”

  1. Blue Bayou, I think somewhere in the back pages my letter to them exists. But I can’t find it. I’ll keep looking though. How come kids get everything?

  2. Dennis, they forgot to sign it. And it’s a little disappointing that they didn’t.

    Remember how Sam Pollock himself signed the letter he sent to you after he declined your offer to become stick boy?

    Sam had class and style. And even when he was turning someone down he did it in a very charming and personal way…

    You wrote to Frank Selke 1964, which was the same year that he retired. I guess that explains why Pollock answered the letter instead of Selke.

    I guess nobody has the time to sign letters anymore like Sam Pollock did.

  3. Dennis, don’t worry, you still can get an indirect invite. Grandkids. In a few years Cameron will be eligible for the flag bearer position and of course he’ll need someone to accompany him.

    BTW, the stereotypical worst offenders at spoiling kids are their grandparents.

  4. Hey Danno. I guess the letter found its way to the assistant of the assistant. And thanks for remembering and digging up the old Pollock letter. That’s pretty impressive and I appreciate it. What a guy you are.

  5. Christopher, Danno remembered the Pollock letter and you remember Cameron. You guys are amazing. That’s a good idea. Apply early for Cameron to be flag boy and I’ll take him. I can even bring my skates just in case.

  6. Dennis, you need to start a new program for seasoned fans who want to bear the flag for their team after years of devotation. Age discrimination! We’ll have none of this nonsense.

    When YOU own the team, this will be corrected pronto!

  7. Diane, when I own the team everything’s going to change. I’m not even going to permit snow to fall in Montreal and area. And we”ll all be taking turns skating with flags before games.

  8. I’ll pass on the skating with the flag idea since I’d probably do something stupid and clumsy and end up falling on Carey Price and injuring him for the rest of the season. I’d settle for a single pair of tickets down in the lower bowl in the Reds. I dream of seeing a game from there. I always end up at the top. 🙁

    I also suggest that if you do become the owner, that your first order of business is to rename the Bell Centre and call it “The Rocket”. Which I have always felt it should be called.

  9. Darth, The Rocket is a brilliant idea. For this you get lower bowl seats and access to the Zamboni room. Thank you!

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