4 thoughts on “Kenya Skate And Shoot?”

  1. Great little video…thanks for sharing….would be great if the NHLPA got involved and donated some equipment.

    Gotta love the goalie they drafted from Pittsburgh.

    Take care…and keep them coming.

  2. Hi Ed. For all the money the league must have, they seem so cheap. The entertainers they hire for the awards show for example, are pathetic. I think the greed hasn’t changed since the days of Conn Smythe. So it would probably be like pulling teeth to get the owners to dig deep for equipment for Kenyans.

  3. The awards show…don’t get me started!
    The worst display of ‘no talent’ off the ice…and in Las Vegas as well…the hockey capital of the world..where”hooking”
    is rampant…even legal in nearby Nevada.
    What a weird season this has been…can’t see it getting any better….take care Dennis.

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