Keeping Patrick Roy Stored In A Box


I bought this 12 inch Patrick Roy McFarlane figurine a few years back at Wal-Mart, not because I’m a great Patrick Roy fan, but because this thing is incredibly beautiful. The problem with most figurines is that it’s impossible to re-create the face properly, but with this one, there was no such problem because he’s wearing his mask. And the rest of it is dead-on.

I paid roughly 30 bucks for it, and on ebay now they’re selling for over $100. And the only way for something like this to grow in value is to never take it out of the box, which is the case here. That’s the key, making sure it’s never removed from the box. So you have to make the decision – do you take it out of the box and enjoy it, or leave it in and enjoy it not quite so much?

It’s the same principle, sort of, as never removing the dust jacket from a book. Dust jackets make all the difference in the world of book collecting. Collectors will scramble to find that first edition Ernest Hemingway complete with jacket, and pay the big bucks. But they won’t bother near as much if the same Hemingway doesn’t have the dust jacket.

So always keep them on your books. Unless you just want to enjoy them. Kind of a silly decision isn’t it? If you’re a rebel, or retain some idealogic values, you’ll just enjoy them with or without, which is why they were written in the first place. Or you could not even read them, just collect them because they have dust jackets.

It’s too complicated.

Rocket book with dust jacket
Rocket book with dust jacket
Rocket book with no dust jacket
Rocket book with no dust jacket

14 thoughts on “Keeping Patrick Roy Stored In A Box”

  1. Hey Dennis;I think you should have gotten a figurine of Patrick’s son and maybe store that one in a box,maybe that where Patrick’s son should be anyway

  2. Nice one Derry, it’ll be his personal insane asylum. That’d be freaky, you’d get claustrophobic sooner or later.
    And soundproofing ain’t a bad idea either. he’ll be screaming non stop. rolling on the floor completely delirious.

  3. I always take them out of the box. I have Gil Perreault, Ryan Miller, Bobby Orr (his leap into the air after “The Goal”), two Don Cherrys, and the Rocket.

  4. Nice, Kathleen. And by taking them out of the box, I’ll bet you enjoy them a lot more. It’s the way it should be.

  5. Was at the video store the other day. They had two Alex Tanguay’s (as a Flames and as a Habs) in the bargain bin.

  6. My wife also takes them out of the box and has a nice display going on. Kind of our little good luck charms come game night. Last Christmas she didn’t put them back in the same place after taking down the decorations and guess what happened to the Habs! Hey I’m an old goalie and being superstitious come game nights has never left me:)

    But we do enjoy them!

  7. Hey Dennis;My father used to coach Ron Shock back in the early fifties before I was born.If I remember correctly it was in Terrace Bay Ontario,my Older brother was playing on the same team at the time.

  8. Hi Derry. I’ve been at work and am only getting around to replying now. Sorry. You come from a real hockey family. You’re what a Canadian is.

  9. Hey Moeman. I’ve been at work and am only reading now. Imagine. You know your career’s in trouble when you’re in the bargain bin. Thanks for that!

  10. It’s your wife’s fault the Habs didn’t win it all? You’d better have a long talk with her.

  11. I haven’t seen that one of Roy but it would be a nice addition. I have 10 Canadiens now having just picked up the Rocket. A figure of Dryden, especially in his signature pose would be an awesome addition. You know if they can do Pete Mahovlich, one of my favourites when he played, then you would think Dryden and Henri Richard could be done as well. As to the in or out of the box? Right now mine are still in their boxes but that’s only until I can make a proper display case for them.

  12. I think to really enjoy them they must be out of the box. The value decreases but so what, right?

  13. Not only that but in some cases, ie Theodore, the legs are off so you can’t see the entire model.

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