Keeping Habs Fans Warm

Some people are knitters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m not, but I used to hold the wool for my mother.

If you need a new Habs sweater but are boycotting NHL products to show your displeasure with the lockout, then this is for you. Don’t fork out the two-hundred bucks, make one yourself. But you have to know how to knit, like Jacques Plante did. Or you could get your mother do make it, which is what I would do if she was still around.

And never mind the “what the hell is this knitting shit on a Habs blog?” I just want you to be warm, that’s all. Cause that’s the kind of guy I am.





8 thoughts on “Keeping Habs Fans Warm”

  1. Wow that is a really nice sweater Robert! I think I will have to join the knitting club and make one some day.

  2. Just saw your post on “Zite” …I have been looking for this pattern book forever ! I have three people whom I’ve wanted to knit hockey sweaters for and they’re canadian ,leafs and islanders fans there a chance you could send me those patterns ( just like you’ve posted them in this blog would be great ) from the book ? I’ll appreciate it so much if possible ..thanks ! stacey

  3. Stacey, I can understand you wanting to please your les Canadiens fan but the Laffs & Bytowners just give them pictures of what they could have received! There’s only one team worthy of all that effort & it has a big CH on it. By the way welcome aboard, I’ve not seen your name posted before today!!

  4. Excellent! This could be the start of the Dennis Kane Knitting Club.

    PS – Don’t you think the Canucks kid in the middle looks like a little Steve Stamkos?

  5. Haha thanks .. I only saw the post coz its a on a knitting blog that I’m on .. I think once upon atime I followed hockey when growing up in Montreal . These days the closest I’ve come to following hockey is Stompin Tom Connors ! My boyfriends 5 year grandson is the leafs fan and niece is the cnds fan .. They’re going to be soo happy ! Have a great day !

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