7 thoughts on “Keeping Fingers Crossed”

  1. Dennis, the great Mister Stubbs also tweeted that Jacques Martin expects Gill and Cammy will play the Winter Classic game.

    Things are looking up a bit already.

  2. awesome news. Couldn’t be a better time for a couple of vets to come back. Hopefully we can get some points. Have a great weekend people.

  3. Dennis, will you be sad if they played Auld in Vancouver? I can see it as a way of not only resting Carey after the Heritage Classic freeze fest, but also to let him have a chance at a former team.

    Also, has anyone noticed we will have played 4/5 of the other Canadian teams in one week come Thursday? Unreal but so cool! If we just played the Sens Sunday it’d be a complete set but we’re not meeting the Sens until game 81. Fun and scary time that’ll be.

  4. I would be a little sad, Habby, as I’m going to be there and would like to see Price live. My wife wants to see him too. I also don’t trust Auld at all, I’m sorry to say. Geez, now you’ve got me wondering.

  5. Oh dear, I didn’t meant to get ya worried. It was more of a pondering thought. I think they should play Price against Luongo because they want to prove our best is better than their big guy. Auld can play the Leafs. I don’t think he’s bad, just that he can’t handle the situation when the team falls on it’s bum (but I guess that’s kinda normal?). If you haven’t read it already, here’s a nice article on him from the NHLPA that really made me like him even more for his humble nature:


    Enjoy the Heritage Classic!

  6. Habby, thanks for the Auld story. It really does seem like he’s a good guy. I also understand somewhat when he says he doesn’t mind moving around because he treats it as a new adventure. It’s kind of been my philosophy too as I’ve moved around more than many. Anyway, again, thanks for the story and comments and you enjoy the Heritage Classic too!

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