Keeping Fingers Crossed About Markov

What’s this? I come home from a long, hard day at the salt mines and I read in Hockey Inside/Out that it’s possible that Andrei Markov worked so hard at being ready for the season that he set himself back, doctors found water on his knee, and he probably won’t be ready for the season opener?

So when will he be ready?

Aren’t personal trainers, doctors, physiotherapists, and whoever else is out there who makes a living doing this, supposed to monitor and make sure a thoroughbred like Markov heals properly? Without rushing? Without doing more damage? Without getting water on the knee?

And apparently this all came about a few weeks ago, so why didn’t anyone tell us? It’s been awhile since Habs fans have been this optimistic, and should our summer of glorious, unadulterated optimism have been just a cautiously optimistic summer instead??

The last several months the mantra for myself and others has been “as long as they can stay healthy,” and we’ve been saying this with the idea that if the team doesn’t suffer any Markov-like injuries, they have a good shot at the big prize. The lineup looks good to us.

But geez, a Markov problem before camp evens begins. Let’s hope the reports are wrong. Maybe the doctors are screwing with our heads.



8 thoughts on “Keeping Fingers Crossed About Markov”

  1. Ah keep the faith Dennis. We’ll be alright. This is a temporary glitch.

    I’m still highly optimistic. I have real faith in this team that we are going to pull it off.

    Next summer you’ll be making yourself sick with all the 2012 Cup win articles you’ll write.

  2. like i said before when they resigned, markov is damaged goods and should be treated as such. it is not fair to ourselves or to markov to expect anything more, so anything more is bonus………….. be cautiously optimistic.

  3. I’m not overly worried about a delayed start to his season. But “Ciccone added, placing Markov’s season in jeopardy.” This would put a major hurdle in our run to the Stanley Cup if he isn’t at 100%.

  4. I’d like to see him healthy and back just to see him and PK on the points during a power play. I want to see goalies having fits because of this. I’d like to see that at least once.

  5. Yeah Chris, I didn’t like what Ciccone mentioned either. We’ll get the news very soon and will it be good or bad?

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