Keep The Ball Rolling

No one says it’ll be easy, but if Carey Price can be outstanding in every game, the power play clicks, the team stays away from the after-the-whistle nonsense (as Max said), and all four lines contribute like they did against Tampa Bay, the Canadiens, underdogs for sure, can beat the Bruins.

Take them out and move on.

The dream never dies.

Go Habs!

8 thoughts on “Keep The Ball Rolling”

  1. This is a theme on which I touched in last year’s playoffs, Dennis. Carey Price cannot continue to be the second best goalie in every playoff series. Yes, he was better than Anders Lindback, but I think that we can all agree that that is not saying much. For the Habs to beat the Bruins, he will have to be better than Vezina Trophy candidate Tuuka Rask, and not just a little bit better, he will have to be a LOT better.

  2. I was going to say maybe the next Guy Lafleur, Donal, but my co-worker’s 5-year old son Leo has that covered.

  3. True Ian. It was also important to see the clip Danno sent about Rask taking temper tantrums in various games. That’s something Price won’t do and it would work to our advantage. I feel the Canadiens have what it takes. They just have to go about it in workmanlike fashion, grab a game or 2 down there now, and slip out of Dodge feeling good about themselves.

  4. How I hope Rask pulls a tantrum.

    Tonight’s the night….gohabsgo….destroy!!!!!!!

    Love that video btw, one of my favorites.

  5. Marjo, I hope Rask slams his stick against the boards and it rebounds and gets Lucic between the legs. Karma.

  6. Christopher, it’s the coolest video. I hope the younger kids coming up in that school make another one.

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