Kate Needs To Do More Than Just Sing

If the Flyers lose this upcoming game three, Kate Smith’s going to have to do more than just sing “God Bless America” when the Hawks and Flyers meet in game four.

Kate’s going to have to slowly remove that huge dress of hers to a bump and grind and somehow come down from the scoreboard, gently remove Jonathan Toews’ jockstrap, and twirl it around her head as she clings and sways from a pole.

If she can do all that, the Flyers just might have a chance to extend it a little.

8 thoughts on “Kate Needs To Do More Than Just Sing”

  1. Hey Dennis, If Kate could do all of the above she would still be she may still be alive somewhere in the southern states.I always thought roger doucette was better then her,hell that guy that sung the anthem in Edmonton for years was better.

  2. Derry, Roger Doucet was the best for sure. And the guy in Edmonton, Paul somebody, was really great too. But old Kate could belt them out. Hard to imagine her swinging around a pole, though.

  3. Good grief it was bad enough having to listen to her sing now I have to have that image in my brain. Thanks a lot Dennis.

  4. Hey Dennis, I don’t want to burst your jounalistic bubble but I always thought that the reason Kate got to sing for the flyers i because she was Bobby Clarke’s aunt.

  5. Bobby Clarke’s aunt? You’re joking, right, Derry? I’m no geneologist but there’s no way the two of them are related.

  6. Hey Dennis, Yes of course I was joking,Kate Smith wasn’t related to Bobby Clarke,I don’t know who could claim that title.

  7. OMG Dennis…Timmy’s has certainly gotten you excited!!!
    Can’t wait to read what you write when you’re all hopped up…

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