Karlsson And Cooke

Just want to quickly mention that it’s terrible to see Ottawa’s young, sensational defenceman Erik Karlsson gone for the season after a Matt Cooke skate blade cut his Achilles tendon in his left ankle.

I suppose we can’t know exactly, especially if he denies it till the cows come home, but to me it sure looked like Cooke was trying to do some damage with his skate. But it seems impossible to know for sure when he’s pleading innocent.

Karlsson is such an impressive young player. He controls the play, he’s got a big shot, he’ll attack like a forward, and he’s a dominant guy, a real special player. He’d look great in Habs uniform. It goes without saying that Ottawa and their fans are going to miss him in a big way.

As for Cooke……….

2 thoughts on “Karlsson And Cooke”

  1. I don’t think the cut was intentional (unlike Mikhailov’s infamous kick 40 years ago), just more of the all too frequent disregard for safety.

    Speed skating has a rule that the skate must be flat on the ice at the finish line otherwise the racer is disqualified, even in long track where the skaters are in their own lane.

    Oddly enough if both of Cooke’s feet had left the ground, he would have been assessed a charging penalty even though his skates would have been in a safer location. Cut tendons don’t happen often enough to cause rule changes. Has there been one since Price sliced Markov?

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