Kane Teasers

NHL referee Chris Lee and his wife are sitting at home when his wife gets up, turns out all the lights, and goes to bad. Chris decides to stay up and read for another hour.
How could he read without lights?

Answer: He was reading braille.

A man saw Gary Bettman crossing the road and swerved to crush him with his tires. All the street lights were off as well as the car’s headlights. There were no other lights on along the road.
How did the man see Bettman?

Answer: It was during daylight.

Brad Marchand is riding a horse. To the right of him is a cliff and in front of him is an elephant moving at the same pace and he can’t overtake it. To the left of him is a hippo running at the same speed and a lion is chasing him.
How can Brad get to safety?

Answer: Get off the merry-go-round.

Scott Gomez works his way into the corner, fights off several others by pushing and shoving, and comes out with the puck. How did he do this?

Answer: He was playing road hockey in a maternity ward.

Imagine Gary Bettman is alone on a boat with a large hole in the bottom. Sharks are swimming around him on all sides and the boat is sinking fast. How does Gary survive?

Answer: Stop imagining.

Tim Thomas’ mother has three girls.  One is named April and one is named May. What is the other named?

Answer: Tim


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