Kane Scores Overtime Cup Winner

I always wanted to say that – “Kane Scores Overtime Cup Winner.”  Unfortunately, in real life it was Patrick Kane, not me.

The Chicago Blackhawks are the new champions of hockey on the strength of Kane’s slightly-soft goal that found its way through Michael Leighton, and have finally put to bed the “haven’t won since 1961” label. It’s a team of Kane and Toews and Byfuglien and Keith and Seabrooke instead of Hull and Mikita and Pilote and Wharram and Vasko, and these young fellows are now the toast of the Windy City.

Forty-nine years is a long time to go between championship heroes. Montreal will be ending an 18-year drought next year and that’ll be long enough.

It’s a good, young team, these Hawks, and most expected them to beat the Philadelphia Flyers and they did, although the Flyers hung in there and almost added to their miraculous fairy tale that saw them rally from a 3-0 deficit against Boston and become only the third team in history to pull this off.

So good for the Flyers. But they also eliminated the Habs so I’m not going to get carried away with any gushing praise.

Random Notes;

Watching the Flyers go down the corridor to the ice before the game made me think of the Habs and how fantastic it would have been if it was them instead of Philly.

The refs were calling borderline penalties for most of the first half of the game, then put the whistle away. One would think that maybe, just maybe, these zebras got a special call from their superiors telling them to cool it because they were ruining a special night.

Tomorrow I tell you about my Marian Hossa movie script idea that is now on the scrap heap.

12 thoughts on “Kane Scores Overtime Cup Winner”

  1. Dennis, I felt the regret as the CBC was signing off. First I felt proud during the picture of Metropolit and M. Beliveau. After the shot of Cammalleri sitting on the bench with I started thinking what coulda, woulda, shoulda been. With each goal, save, celebration scene I got progressive more depressed.
    Ending 18 frustrating years next year – from this blog straight to the hockey Gods.

  2. Hey Dennis, I was glad to see the Hawks take the cup,don’t like philly and never will.I’m happy for Toews,the Conn Smyte winner,he played very well throughout the playoffs and deserved it.

  3. Yes sir, Christopher. I felt sad too seeing all that stuff. All we have to do is sign a big hockey-playing linebacker and we’re in like flint. 18 years is way too long. Normal for other teams, unacceptable for the Canadiens.

  4. Derry, I don’t like Philly or Boston especially, and after that, for me all teams are lumped together in the same group. It’s only the Habs. They’re the only team.

  5. Dennis, I shook hands and congratulated all the Hawks fans I know today and they were a bit surprised by that. I told them that Habs fans are classy that way and anyhow we know they will be shaking our hands next year.

    I agree with your idea about signing up a human refrigerator who can skate from some football team. It’s all that separates us from the Cup.

    It’s going to be interesting to see what transactions take place in the coming weeks. Will Price or Halak remain? What about the Kostitsyns, Plecky and BP?

    We are close to having a cup-winning team if the right moves are made.

    Stay tuned. Only about three months to go before the first preseason game…

  6. That’s good, Danno. I hope you told them to enjoy because it’s the only one they’re going to get.
    I can hardly wait to see what changes will be made. Goalies, Plekanec, the brothers, us in the front office etc. I also think Pouliot needs a good talking to. I think I’m going to write him a letter. Hopefully this summer will be filled with interesting hockey news and bikinis.

  7. Well Dennis, let the rest and relaxation begin. October will be here soon and another year to grab the Cup!

  8. Hi Diane,
    I hope you have a terrific summer. And please check in from time to time because I just keep posting away daily. Next season will be a great season for Habs fans. We’ll be on the winning side.

  9. Of course I’m still going to check on your posts. Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring, you’re a keeper. Ice or no ice! I liked your comments about the World Cup today, too.

    Bah, for the masses. Hockey is for the pure of spirit. (Beer drinkers, too!) 🙂

  10. Thanks Diane. You always bring a breath of fresh air. And I love your quote and it’s going on the home page. Thanks.

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