Kaberle Kaput

It’s been reported that Tomas Kaberle has been placed on waivers, and is there anyone out there who might be surprised by this?

Kaberle was a decent player when he was a Toronto Maple Leaf, where he spent 12 seasons, and whether or not Boston and Carolina fans were happy with him, I’m not sure. All I know is that Habs fans sure weren’t, at least most of us anyway.

Kaberle came to Montreal in 2011 in a trade with the Hurricanes for Jaroslav Spacek, and signed on the dotted line for three years worth a ridiculous 4.25 million per. Four and a quarter million for a defenceman who avoided the heavy-hitting the way Sonny Liston avoided Cassius Clay.

It was just a big mistake all-round, and it’s nice that the Kaberle chapter has come to a close. We need guys who enjoy the heavy-going, not ballerinas.

The TSN report can be seen here.

And this is what I said when the guy came over in the first place. Kaberle In, Spacek Out

8 thoughts on “Kaberle Kaput”

  1. It’s a GOOD YEAR in Hab land—better hockey, better management and GOMMER & KABERLE gone far away!!!! Oh the joy of that. They were okay in their day BUT as a Hab they took valuable space on the bench that some 19/20 yr. olds could have used!! Onwards we go. The Kane household will be Happy, Happy, Happy tonite—for many nites!!!

  2. With the trade deadline only four days away, I think this is just the first piece of a move by Marc Bergevin. Stay tuned…

  3. Any step towards the end of this Gauthier panic move debacle is a good thing.

    Besides getting him off the team it may be a necessity as Prust and Weber are coming off IR. With White still day-to-day and Blunden staying around just-in-case, I think we needed to open a place on the roster.

    I don’t know all the waiver rules, I believe there’s something about salary sharing if another team claims him. The most important thing is that he better not impact our cap for next season. I know that if we wait for summer, we can go the Gomez route, with 2/3 salary, but 0 cap hit. Molson has lots of money, our cap space is precious.

  4. Hey Dennis,Yes a very good move,I dont know why we got him to begin with.Yaro Spacek was a good defencman,better then Kaberle I thought.I hope the game tonite is a good one for the Habs,their victory against the Bruins on Wednsday was awesome,I was in the legion here and the tv was on,some guys were asking to go to the Canuck game at the end of overtime,I told them they can switch once the Habs were done,they just had a good laugh over that.

  5. Hi Derry. Good to hear from you. Hold your ground against those Canucks fans. You have hockey team seniority.

  6. Good grief, I couldn’t pull my eyes (OK, I lied, when the Habs were on, I was watching) off that CBC blow job on the Leafs. It was as if FoxNews had taken over. Zero objectivity, idol worship shaming the Old Testament, and totally nauseating.

  7. Yes Mike, CBC loves the Leafs. It’s quite sickening. Unfortunately, they’re going to make the playoffs and we’ll have to put up with even more than usual.

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