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A couple of days ago I wrote about an old friend, JW, who was a good, solid Habs fan for years but began cheering for the Senators instead when Ottawa finally got a team in the early 1990’s. Sorry JW, Can’t Do It

I’ve never understood it, never will. And I know several just like him.

JW has replied and now has his say:

Never have I seen a response like this to a topic on Dennis’ blog so you all listen now as JW speaks.
Yes I was a Habs fans for all those many years. But as a fan of the greatest game on earth I longed for a team that I could live and die with in my own home town.
I put money down early as a show of support for this franchise and when it was awarded purchased season tickets.
Our home opener was against the Habs and quite frankly I wasn’t sure how I would react. But when Neil Brady scored that 1st goal and I stood and cheered my brains out the answer was obvious. I was a Sens fan above all others.
In 15 years in this city I have by my own estimates supported this team in a dollar amount that exceeds 30,000. Why for heavens sakes would I make this kind of financial commitment and cheer for a team 2 hours down the highway because I was once a fan? Would you? I doubt it.
The emotional high that comes with supporting a team to the end, win or lose is priceless. I did not jump ship. I went with a team that won all of 10 games that first season, built themselves through the draft and competed for the Stanley Cup. That window of opportunity has past but I look forward to the future years as we build again.
I’m a home town fan of a team that plays in this city. Why would I be anything else.
Cheers all!! JW

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  1. I don’t know, JW. You’ve thrown away all those years of being a Habs fan and frankly, I don’t understand it. Would a long-time Red Sox fan suddenly become a Yankee fan? Or a San Francisco Giant supporter changing and becoming an LA Dodger fan? Did you give up on the Habs when they stopped winning Cups? Does Jean Beliveau and Guy Lafleur and so many others mean nothing to you now?
    I lived in Calgary for seven years and not once did I ever feel myself becoming a Flames fan. Sure I hoped they’d do well in their division because it would be good for the city and all that, but when they played the Habs, I hoped ever time that Montreal would crush them. And JW, if you moved to another NHL city, would you drop the Sens and start cheering for the new team? And what if you moved more than once? Would you change teams every time?
    For me to stop cheering for the team I loved all my life would be like asking me to cut an arm off.
    Maybe you never truly loved the Montreal Canadiens in the first place.

  2. Marc, it’s beyond me how someone can bail on the team like that. For me it would be impossible.

  3. i’ve gone to about 10 canuck games in the past five years and dropped about $5000 (hotel, tix, beer, hot dogs, souveniers, ferry). I wish I lived 2 hours away from the habs but I live six hours from the canucks instead. I’m like a yankee – red sox fan. I could never change teams either.

  4. Hey Dennis;I was born just outside Ottawa,Hawkesbury is about an hour “down the road”.I grew up on the east coast and on the west coast,but my aflicition with the Habs has never changed.I never once thought that I could cheer for the Canucks,even though they are the closer franchise.I do understand that there is a possibility that some people do mmake changes in their lives ,some great some not so great.I dont ever plan on doing the switcheroo,but quoting Reggie Dunlop in Slap Shot”maybe I’ll wind up sleeping with old goalies one day.

  5. Derry, you’re not allowed to switch. I’ll get the Russian mafia after you. I guess it’s too late to do the same with JW.

  6. Dennis;I’d rather fight then switch,not a hope of me ever changing teams or even trying on womens panties,all good on this front .

  7. If you leave a team for another team, you’re a bandwagonner. Period.
    No questions asked, and other expressions that mean ” No excuses”

  8. Phil I think a band wagoner is someone who jumps from winning team to winning team,hence the name band wagon.JW is only cheering for a team that he likes.I would be comfortable calling him a bandwagoner if he started cheering for Montreal when they win the cup.JW,cheer for who you like,dont feel bad cause you at least are cheering for a team from Canada,and please dont use that friggin pepsi cheer that everyone hates.

  9. I’m not sure who these Derry fellow is but he’s okay in my books. Everyone else seems to think I have a screw loose for cheering for the team I like . It seems to not be a Habs fan is reason enough to be sending you straight to hell on a one way ticket, no excuses.
    And to Dennis …your querry about would you change allegiance to your team if you moved to another city… if it was home to another NHL franchise I would have to say yes.
    I just pray to the good Lord I’m not moving to Toronto anytime soon.
    Respectively JW.

  10. DK, I’m with you all the way on this one, once a Habs fan always a Habber for life !!!
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!

  11. i can be bought but !………….. and to be honest, even tho the habs suck so far, i can’t imagine cheering for another team against them. it just ain’t natural boy

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