‘Justiceview’ Has Habs Anger Issues

After a story appeared on CBC Sports about Alex Kovalev,  http://www.cbc.ca/sports/story/2009/02/20/kovalev-returning.html, a fellow who calls himself  ‘Justiceview’, wrote this comment. And this is what players, and us, have to put up with.

“Here is a scouting report about the habs: Listless forwards, inept defence, Goalie is dazed and does not react well, shoot high glove side and guranteed to score. Clueless coach, no game plan, no timeouts when needed, constant mixing of lines like musical chairs. A GM who clearly lives in the past, wastes assets on washed up ex-habs/over the hill players. Scouting staff that have not produced a decent player in 20 years. Whole team distracted with overhyped fiasco of 100th season, need I say more.”

3 thoughts on “‘Justiceview’ Has Habs Anger Issues”

  1. I understand people being disappointed…. we (habs fans) all are by all this stuff.

    This guy was likely singing a different tune just a few months ago.

  2. I saw that story in my inbox and didn’t even want to read the commentary by justiceview. I agree with you, Dennis, that this something that fans and players have to put up with.

    How is he measuring the passion? What kind of ingenious distance thermometre is justiceview using? And how old and inaccurate is the thing?

    His comments are hogwash. There is stuff wrong with the team but an overall zero passion grade is wrong.

    Thanks for addressing it. It’s sickening (like ingesting too many heavy metals) to have to process comment after comment like those. Unobjective and waste-of-energy views….


  3. “Scouting staff that have not produced a decent player in 20 years.”

    Obviously, this guy hasn’t been watching hockey for the last 20 years.

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