Just Thought I’d Mention…..

I continue to have technical problems with my blog. It’s very slow, slower than molasses, doesn’t want to co-operate when I click keys, and I just noticed that if I originally make a spelling mistake and correct it, it invariably returns to the misspelled word when I’m not looking (e.g. permantly – permanently).

There are computer people in Texas currently working on this and they say it should be fixed soon. But it was twelve hours ago when they said this.

Please computer gods….help.

Update – 15 hours later. Seems a little faster now. Maybe the computer gods are fine gods.


3 thoughts on “Just Thought I’d Mention…..”

  1. Hi Dennis, I’m back,
    I’m guessing the computer gods were throwing a little temper tantrum that the Bruins were in the Stanley Cup finals. How the F@&$ did that happen.
    I started my own little tantrum a month ago when the more unthinkable occurred after which I didn’t want to read or think about hockey. You almost lured me back last week with the help of a very talented Canucks fan, but I was still missing something. Finally on Saturday night, the CBC found the best remedy; they broadcast The Rocket and now I need more discussion about the Canadiens.

  2. Oh and in case it’s not obvious: Go Canucks Go, bring the Stanley Cup back home to Canada. Throw in a new Canadian team from the sunbelt tomorrow and it will be a pretty good end to the season. Not perfect, but definitely better than the alternatives currently available.

  3. Christopher, I figured you were on hiatus from hockey and I completely understand it. But for me cricket wasn’t filling the gap. So it’s Go Canucks and can’t imagine at all watching Boston raise the Cup and listening to Boston fans all next year reminding us.

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