Just So You Know

You may have noticed in your travels around cyberspace that Mike Boone of the Montreal Gazette, in his online post, http://habsinsideout.com/boone/32671#comments, has a somewhat similar story to mine regarding the 1971 Habs-Bruins quarterfinal.

Just so you know, I wrote my piece http://dennis-kane.com/stranger-things-have-happened/ a good twelve hours before Mr. Boone’s story came out, and either great minds think alike, or I take it as a compliment that Mr. Boone liked my idea and borrowed it.

It’s funny, though. They rarely use my stories that I send them, but this happens when I don’t.

2 thoughts on “Just So You Know”

  1. What will you do with all the royalties? What’s that?! Buy drinks for your loyal fans!! I like it.

  2. Diane, I’ll be buying drinks for all my loyal employees when I’m stickboy/owner. And that means you, of course.

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