Just One Month?

It seems crazy that just one month ago exactly, we drove out of Powell River, stayed in a bunch of hotels as we crossed the country, visited family and friends in Ontario, went to Niagara Falls, then to Ottawa, then on to Montreal where we stayed in a hotel for a week while we found a place to live. And once we did, I started a new job and have been there for eight days now.


Just a month. Feels longer. In a good way.

It’s been a big thing for Luci and I. We uprooted from a small town on the West Coast, Powell River, and now it’s Montreal where everyone drives fast but I’m doing what I think is a fine and unique job and Luci likes our apartment.

We don’t know where we’ll be in five years, and someday Luci and I will look back on this big adventure and think how fantastic the experience was. So far there’s been no regrets from either of us. And I think being in Montreal during hockey season will be serious fun. Can’t wait for TSN 690 to heat up on my car radio.

It’s all been really interesting, this last month. Just hate the traffic, that’s all.

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