“Just Fill In The Blanks” Game!

Yes, just fill in the blanks. And for once on this blog, hard-core swearing is perfectly acceptable, and downright encouraged.

Here we go –

The NHL is a………league, with players who………., and owners and Mr. Buttman who should………..

It’s a ……..league full of ………and……., and I think that these guys should reach down and………and then do it ……..and then to……..too.

So let’s re-examine what’s going on, try to understand all the…….., and feel that Gary Bettman is doing a ………..job.

Players should check ………., and the owners should………

In closing, I think Mr. Buttman might want to consider……….., with Mr. Fehr and the player reps following behind after they………..and ……….

That’s the game, and I’ll go first:

The NHL is a greedy, second-rate and fucked up league, with players who have blown their brains out sniffing dollar bill perfume, and with owners and Mr. Buttman who should appreciate what they have and understand it’s about backchecking and forechecking, not bum checking and foreskin.

It’s a two-bit league full of greedy bastards and people ready for the insane asylum, and I think these guys should reach down and check if they’re male or not, then do it to each other after satisfying barnyard animals.

So let’s re-examine what’s going on, try to understand all the insane greed flying around, and feel that Mr. Buttman is doing an incredibly lousy job and will forever be known as the leader during three work stoppages and the guy who table dances at Boystown on Santa Monica Blvd.

Players should check their bank accounts, and the owners should get their little dicks checked out at the doctor’s office and make sure everything’s okay after screwing all of us without using a condom.

In closing, I think Mr. Buttman should shove the lockout up his ass, with Mr. Fehr and player reps following behind after they remove stick-like objects, not made of graphite, from their behinds.



11 thoughts on ““Just Fill In The Blanks” Game!”

  1. You asked for it Dennis, you’ll get it (awesome idea!):

    The NHL is a fucked up and insane league, with players who often don’t even deserve their high salaries, and owners and Mr. Buttman who should stop being so goddamn greedy and stupid and arrogant. Buttman should also get over his Napoleon complex because it’s not the world’s fault he’s only 4’11”.

    It’s a fucked league loaded with greedy and self-centered pricks, and I think that these guys should reach down, pull their other hand out of their pants and then do it to the owners and then to start kissing the fans asses too.

    So let’s re-examine what’s going on, try to understand all the unnecessary bullshit heaped upon the fans by a group of uncaring fucks, and feel that Gary Bettman is doing a shitty, rotten, and lousy fucking job.

    Players should check their bank accounts, and the owners should check theirs as well and realize how most of their fans don’t have a fraction of what they have and stop this bullshit that screws their most important commodity over! Without us, there is NO LEAGUE.

    In closing, I think Mr. Buttman might want to consider a personality transplant, with Mr. Fehr and the player reps following behind after they realise how fucking lucky they are and they can only fuck over the fans so much before everything turns to shit and the golden goose goes bye-bye.

  2. The league is really fucking stupid to allow another god dam lock out 1 year after signing a TV deal???????????????????? Really, just get the dam thing done, please for the fans who pay for both the players and owners. Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the fucking thing done if you care about the fans

  3. We will, Habsdoc. So many people could care less abhout hockey, and the numbers are going to get bigger after this. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot. These are sad times.

  4. Right on Rob. Yes, if they truly care about us, they’ll meet today or tomorrow and hammer things out. I’m trying to stay positive but I’m probably just farting in the wind.

  5. I agree both sides are at fault. The owners signed contracts with terms and no want to roll them back and I say sorry because you signed them and they deserve it since it is a contract and you want them to agree to the new labor contract you are going to shove down their throats. Now for the players. They want the rich owners to share with the poor teams but the rich players do not want to share with the poor teams. Why not follow their own request and do likewise. Also many of the players have said that they will go overseas and take someone else’s job while they are locked out until they get a new deal then they will leave for the good times again.How fair is that to take someones job til our opens up again. If the greedy owners(allowed since they made the investment) are so bad to work for then they should poney up the money and build the own league,teams,front office etc. And while they are at it get deals in place for arena use get coaches GM’S insurance equipment etc. Oh thats right its harder than it looks and that what owners do be it good or bad and what they invest in besides players. I could go on but you get the idea where I am headed. A lot of things that no one thinks about except watching the game.

  6. Dennis,

    It wont happen of course, but when it’s all back on, irrespective of who they hold responsible, all fans have to act as a cohesive entity for the first round of Games, in order to to show their disgust.

    Quite simply fans should not buy tickets or turn up and just as importantly watch some other cock-a-mamie shite on the TV. Don’t record NHL, don’t download NHL. Don’t go near the official outlets to check the results. Ignore the whole bloody circus for a few days or a week.

    Blog about other hockey, comment about other hockey just don’t make any reference to the NHL or those first set of games.

    You have to do it. A “consumer” boycott (which must include not watching TV etc.) is the only thing these people will understand. The whole shebang is predicated on the consumer’s dollar, both directly and indirectly. In any deal you have to convince the other parties that you will walk away. They are doing that in their negotiations, time to remind them there is a third party who will do it too.

    A big black empty echo coming back to them

    Yes it hurts those others whose livelihood depends on the NHL for that game, but they will have endured the lockout and one more week they will have to bear, for the sake of getting some sense into this situation.

    Of course it is cutting off your nose to spite your face. But if you love watching the NHL, well they’ve already delivered you a kick in the unmentionables (allowing for the structural differences in man and lady bits) so what’s a little more pain and facial disfigurement?

    And it goes without saying that for the next few weeks people should avoid any consumer activity, which puts money into the NHL and its teams.

  7. I’m with you, Blue Bayou. I’m so angry at both sides right now I’m seething. I saw a tweet from a Chicago player yesterday who said he really hopes the fans understand that it’s not their fault, and I replied to him that I don’t understand, and that both sides suck the big one.
    I honestly feel that if I didn’t have so much time and pride and plans for the future invested with my blog, I might forgo hockey forever. I’m like millions of others – just really really pissed. There’s no way I’ll buy any of their merchandise or go to another game. It’s all I’ll be able to do to stomach watching these people on the telly. The whole thing sickens me. I was in a pub in Vancouver yesterday waiting for the ferry and NFL football was on, and all I could think was more greedy athletes with thousands paying big bucks to go. I couldn’t even look at them. Hell, I wanted to even tell customers who were watching that these were people who have lost touch and wouldn’t give any of us the time of day. And these were football players, not hockey players. They’re all the same. Players say they care about the fans but they can’t even sign their name so we can read it. Just a bunch of scribbles. I’m sick of Bettman and the players and owners and the whole millions of dollars thing.

  8. I agree with Blue B. as well. I for one, will not watch the games when they come back on. I’ll be following the McGill Redmen and even attending their games. Super, super cheap tickets, small arena and killer games.

    Goodbye NHL, if you come back I may watch you eventually but so long as you bone-heads bicker over OUR money (which was earned by folks who pave the roads for you to drive your Hummer to the arena where you skate, where you sit in your plush office while you count your millions), guaranteed I will NOT attend games; watch you on TV; buy any of your products (beer, t-shirts, Christmas presents) for MINIMUM one month!! Promise.

    The Montréal who???

    Go Redmen, go!!!

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