Just Another Crazy Day In Habs-Leafs Land

For as long as there has been and will be Montreal Canadiens-Toronto Maple Leaf hockey games, there will be barnburners, surprises, see-saw battles, and spirited play. Seems like it’s always been this way. Like tonight. And in the end, it took a shootout to decide the outcome, after one team blew a late-game two-goal lead, only to pull it out in dramatic fashion.

It was back and forth, with goal posts hit and bodies flying and intensity oozing through every crack. It was Charlie Conacher and Toe Blake, Bill Barilko and Rocket Richard, Guy Lafleur and Darryl Sittler. It was squeals from the crowd and no one leaving early.

It was also not perfect, and both coaches, Jacques Martin and Ron Wilson, are now checking their scalps for patches of hair loss.

The Canadiens won the shootout with goals by Mike Cammallera and Scott Gomez, and the team gains two points, but kudos also to the Toronto Maple Leafs who didn’t take a back seat at anytime, who almost won the thing, and walked away with an important point. The final score was Habs-5, Leafs-4. And fans got their money’s worth.

What else can I say? The Habs blew a late 4-2 lead and had to settle for a shootout win. The outcome is good, the situation isn’t great. They made the Leafs and Mike Komisarek look extremely respectable. And that’s unacceptable.

Random Notes:

You have no idea how much I hate the barber pole uniform the Habs have been forced to wear. With every breath I take, I wish these uniforms would be eaten by moths the way Roch Carrier’s Toronto Maple Leafs sweater was. It took me most of the first period to even associate those barber poles with the Montreal Canadiens.

For me, and for most Habs fans, there’s only one jersey, and that’s the classic CH. These Ottawa 67’s, (Ottawa’s junior team who wear a similar style) as Chris described them as and he’s dead-on, were fine last year – once – as part of the centennial celebrations. Now it’s time to take them out to the back and burn them.

This is the Ottawa 67's jersey. These have been called barber-pole for years. I think they're easier on the eyes than the Habs version.
This is the Ottawa 67's jersey. These have been called barber-pole for years. I think they're easier on the eyes than the Habs version.



Secondly, the goaltending decision.

Jaroslav Halak let in four goals on Wednesday against Pittsburgh before Carey Price replaced him, and then Price played the next game against Chicago, a game he played well in. Price deserved to start this game tonight and I was completely taken aback when I heard Halak was playing. I am, as they say, befuddled.

Two players I’ve been a little critical of lately, Hal Gill and Guillaume Larendresse, both scored.

Habs host Atlanta on Tuesday.

14 thoughts on “Just Another Crazy Day In Habs-Leafs Land”

  1. Interesting comment borrowed from one of the blogs linked on the CBC web site.

    Shootouts were designed for the soul purpose of adding “excitement” to a game where fans have no clue whatsoever of the true nature of hockey. Hockey games are won, lost or tied on the basis of blood, sweat and team play and not on the basis of some buttercup trying to follow a spotlight to the opposing teams goal..

  2. As they say, better lucky than good and when you’re good you get lucky. I was surprised to see that the Habs outshot the Leafs tonight, I definitely thought the Leafs outworked them.

    What happened with Gomez tonight? Does he have the flu? For most of the night he was very indifferent and was a giveaway waiting to happen.

    Despite his -3 Komisarek played a good game, but he showed that he’s a real asshole after his penalty was called at the end of the first period.

  3. Coach Martin said at the beginning of the season (I heard it on Habs/Inside Out) that he didn’t want to start the same goalie on back-to-back nights, and I think that this is a continuation of that. I don’t think that it is a reflection on how Pricey is performing, it just seems like his policy for the goalies. That being said – do you think that Price will start on Tuesday?

  4. WG Morgan – I was really surprised at the Halak decision. But if that’s the case, not starting on back-to-back nights, then fine. But Price deserves to start on Tuesday. He deserves it after a fine game the other night. If Halaks in goal on Tueday I’m going to really scratch my head.

  5. Gomez has been sick. And maybe he still is. Maybe all of the Little Big Three are. But Gomez definitely. He and Metropoilit have been fighting something all week. They need cod liver oil.

  6. well at least Gomez got an assist and a +2 on his stats after the game. and it was a nice little snipe on Toskala during the shootout.

    but i need him to produce some poitns…

    For my fantasy hockey *cough cough*

  7. actually, stop me if this sounds stupid.

    I think we should start a fantasy hockey pool just for kicks.
    I mean we obviously all love hockey, and it’ll be some friendly competition.
    And we’re all steeped with hockey knowledge so it’d be even more interesting.

  8. Exciting game …. nice tie (I am old school as I hate this OT/Shootout crap right from when they brought it into the league even though Leafs have zero skill in their top six…maybe Kessel will help these grinders)…

    Its too bad the Monster did not start … Toskala is always good for one really stupid flutter F**K goal every game….

    If I was a Canadians fan I would be a little worried about a team defense blowing a late 2 goal lead again a zero skill grinder offence like the Leafs …

    And what is with this incredible hate on for the Big K number 8 on the Leafs …. He simply signed the best offer out their … Geez

    all said ,,, a fun entertaining game … except for the result

  9. It’s not a bad idea, Phil, but I don’t know if anyone would be interested. I also wouldn’t have time to look after it. But if anyone wants to, maybe it’s as simple as sending you ten players or so. I’m not sure. I think a lot of people are already in a pool.

  10. Hey Dennis;No a bad game,lots of shots which is always great to view,I think tht Hammerlick had another great game,this guy is doing all the right things so far this year,looks likehe’s playing in his twenties again

  11. Derry – Hamrlik has sort of took control of the Markov thing. He’s really been a key, mature leader. Really nice to see. Somebody had to and he is.

  12. hey Dennis, those sweaters Montreal wore sat night, have to be the worst uniforms i ever saw, so hard to watch the game, like it was jail birds out there.please have your people talk to there people about never waering them again, lol

  13. I hate those things. They’re hard on my eyes. Heck, it’s even hard to relate to the Montreal Canadiens when they’re wearing those and that’s just wrong.

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