Just A Small Leaf Thing

Don’t blame me, blame Ron Green in Orillia.

As I said a few days ago, I believe in karma and have been real good about keeping quiet about the Leafs since their infamous game 7 meltdown.

I’m only showing this because Ron went to all the trouble of sending it. I’m innocent, hockey gods. You got nothin’ on me.


9 thoughts on “Just A Small Leaf Thing”

  1. Hi Dennis – I’m in your part of the country on the left coast. In Port Alberni, BC. Kinda cool having hockey games start at 4:30 pm and the second one three hours later as compared being in the east where the second game is a late finish….

  2. Unfortuately Dennis my older brother had a stroke on Saturday May 04 so I came out thinking he would survive & visit with him for abit but on Thursday May 09 he had a second stroke around noon time & passed later that night. But was able to talk to him for a few days & watch hockey in his hospital room. He was a huge Habs Fan & used to get standing room tickets at The Old Montreal Forum and make the run up the stairs to find a spot to watch the game when he lived in Montreal. He passed away a few minutes after The Canadiens got eliminated by Ottawa with the game on but sound down since it was a family vigil standing by his bed sadly waiting for him to pass. He worked hard & played harder as he was a BC Logger for several years. So it was like the old days watching hockey usually Habs Hockey & commenting on the game and of course the officiating so some things do not change. It was a comforting way to bid my brother good bye watching hockey & Habs Hockey together…..

    PS – Sorry to be so long with this post

  3. Martin, I’m very sad and sorry to hear this and all the best to you and your family. It must be tough for everyone. Very sad indeed.

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