Just A Little Reminder Why Bob Gainey Didn’t Have a Great Year

With Bergeron and Pouliot now out, I decided to make a list. These are the lengthy ones. The day-to-day- ones don’t even rate mentioning.

Oct. 1, 2009 – Kyle Chipchura – shoulder surgery
Oct. 2, 2009 – Andre Markov – lacerated tendon, ankle
Oct. 5, 2009 – Ryan O’Byrne – knee
Oct. 6, 2009 – Glen Metropolit – ribs
Oct. 31, 2009 – Matt D’Agostini – concussion
Nov. 3, 2009 – Hal Gill – fractured foot
Nov. 5, 2009 – Georges Laraque – upper-body
Nov. 13, 2009 – Brian Gionta – broken bone in left foot
Dec. 31, 2009 – Sergei Kostitsyn – lower-body
Jan. 3, 2010 – Andre Kostitsyn – knee surgery
Jan. 23, 2010 – Paul Mara – upper-body
Jan. 31, 2010 – Mike Cammalleri – right MCL
Feb. 5, 2010 – Marc-Andre Bergeron – lower-body
Feb. 5, 2010 – Benoit Pouliot – upper-body

8 thoughts on “Just A Little Reminder Why Bob Gainey Didn’t Have a Great Year”

  1. This also tells a story:
    Kyle Chipchura -14
    Andre Markov -1
    Ryan O’Byrne -4
    Glen Metropolit -0
    Matt D’Agostini -11
    Hal Gill -7
    Georges Laraque -6
    Brian Gionta +1
    Sergei Kostitsyn -0
    Andre Kostitsyn +3
    Paul Mara -16
    Mike Cammalleri +10
    Marc-Andre Bergeron -11
    Benoit Pouliot +4

  2. Habs just beat Caps on a brilliant setup by Sergei Kostitsyn to Thomas Plekanec in the dying seconds of overtime. What a thrilling game. Just sweet and dandy.

  3. I would also add Hamrlik to the list, he was out for a while in December. Pouliot was also injured when acquired and wasn’t available for a long time.

    I thought Bergeron was supposed to be back today; guess not. Hope we don’t add Gorges to the list today.

  4. Hi Chris. Hamrlik was day-to-day back then and I didn’t list any of those types. The ones on the list are just long-term injury reserve. I saw that both Bergeron and Pouliot won’t be back for six weeks or so. And you’re right about Pouliot. We had to wait for him awhile Thanks. What a season.

  5. Dennis, they almost lost primarily because Price was shakey in the third. But he did play a strong match the first 40 minutes.
    We can’t be too hard on the kid. He hasn’t played in weeks, had to shake off some rust, and this certainly was one of the harshest ways to get back in the saddle.
    I shudder to think what the Bell Centre crowd would have subjected him to if we lost in O/T or a shootout.
    Meanwhile, at the opposite end, Theodore miraculously came alive in the third and stymied many good chances we had to put it away including a beauty by Markov.
    Also, we were without Pouliot, Cammarelli, Andrei Kostitsyn Marc-Andre Bergeron and now Josh Gorges. Not too many people gave them a chance before the puck was dropped. And it always seems to go that way with this team – you never know which team is going to come out and play.
    I hate to say it, but maybe with Halak in nets we all could have breathed a lot easier and sweared a lot less.
    Sadly, you can probably add Josh Gorges to your list. I hope he isn’t hurt too bad and recovers soon.

  6. Danno, the Josh Gorges thing wasn’t good. But he’s a blue-collar guy and might be back before we know it. The injuries are ridiculous and you have to think it’s going to stop at some point. But every game, another one. Putting Price in in tough situations and then he doesn’t play well is one of the big reasons he’s been sort of ruined so far. I’m not crazy about the way he’s been handled from the get-go. But number 31 explains that Halak is a big rebounder so it was the right choice to have Price in against a team like the Caps. But it’s surprising for me anyway. And five goals against isn’t anything great. Frankly, I don’t know what to think.

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