Just A Little Pep Talk

Hardly any difference between the Canadiens and the visiting Chicago Blackhawks, who face off tonight at the Bell Centre (7 pm ET).

The teams are so close it’s mind-boggling, as you can see from the top six point-getters on both teams.

Kane – 54
Sharp -47
Toews – 45
Keith – 43
Hossa – 35
Seabrook – 31

Subban – 33
Plekanec – 28
Max – 26
Gionta -23
Galchenyuk – 23
Markov – 21

Hardly any difference.

Can the Canadiens beat this team that has 67 points to Montreal’s 55, with five guys with more points than our top guy?

I’m saying of course they can, because I’m a optimist, always have been, a Habs fan through thick and thin, and although I get angry at them and want to send up the St. Lawrence and out to sea now and again, the only way I know how to be a fan is to stick with them, keep hoping, and on a night when they play the defending Stanley Cup champions, cross my fingers and hope the power play clicks and guys who’ve been in scoring funks put it together.

Making they’ll play great! Put three solid periods together. Turn the Bell Centre into a riproaring madhouse, with everyone whoopin’ and hollerin’.

C’mon Canadiens, give us one of those games. We know you can do it.


3 thoughts on “Just A Little Pep Talk”

  1. It would be just like this schizophrenic team to win 4-1 tonight. On the other, hand, a 3-0 loss wouldn’t shock me, either……..

  2. No word of a lie, I was just about to predict a 4-1 win for the Habs but Ian beat me to it!

    The Habs seem to surprise us and win when nobody expects them to so let’s hope that’s the case tonight against the mighty Blackhawks.

  3. I’m convinced they’d have a LOT better chance at a win tonite if Thornbush was sent packing FAR AWAY!!!!! With no head coach for a game or two, the boys would be kids again. Put a real coach behind the boys and re-unite Gally- Gal- Eller; P.K.& Markov Emilin to his comfy side of ice; Pac gets a kick in the ass to wake him up AND TURN THE GUYS LOOSE to get some of the mojo back. Dennis, we’ll ALL be having a heart attack. And the Bell centre will sound like the Foroum of by-gone daze!! Never been to either but the radio broadcasts sent shivers up my spine

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