Just A Few Ramblings Before The NyQuil Kicks In

Just to recap:

PK Subban has signed a three-year deal with Montreal.

Pittsburgh blows out Washington 6-2 in the most anticipated game of the year.

Pittsburgh will play the winner of Boston-Carolina.

The Canucks again disappoint their fans as Roberto Luongo is less than great in the series-ending game against Chicago.

No, I don’t have swine flu.

Canada lost to Russia in the World Championships.

Brian Burke is ready to wheel and deal to get John Tavares.

I’m buying the Canadiens for 400 million.

Gary Bettman says the Phoenix Coyotes are safe and sound.

Newest thing to come up. Cam Cole says the Canucks should think about trading Luongo to Montreal for Carey Price. Luongo for Price

Don Cherry says Detroit looks unstoppable.

I’m pretty sure Don’s going for Boston. And is that Homer Simpsons’s boss Mr. Burns, sitting beside him?


2 thoughts on “Just A Few Ramblings Before The NyQuil Kicks In”

  1. I do believe that I called it for Vancouver, way back when Sundin finally made up his mind (i.e. he waited to see who would pay him more) to play for the Canucks. Out in the 2nd round. But, *apparently*, he’s one of the greatest players out there, along with Luongo. Blows my mind.

    As to Cherry, do we really care anymore what he thinks? If I remember correctly, he was positive that Boston would play the Sharks in the finals.

  2. That’s right, Michel. The whole |Sundin thing from the beginning was disturbing. The way he sat out and waited and waited. It was ridiculous all along. And Cherry’s a cartoon.

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