Junk Food For Thought

On the agenda today…..

There’s this…..British papers were loud and clear during the Vancouver playoff riots.

No, it is not another G20 protest — somebody lost an ice-hockey match,” screamed the Daily Mail.

“Angry, drunken Vancouver Canucks fans took to the streets, setting cars and rubbish bins ablaze, smashing windows, showering giant TV screens with beer bottles, dancing atop overturned vehicles and looting shops,”  reported The Guardian.

 Meanwhile, where The Daily Mail and The Guardian are….

Also…….It’s in the hands of prosecutors now. But what to do about Zdeno Chara?……..He’s too tall for prison beds. His feet would hang over. Prisons beds are around 76 inches long and Zdeno measures about 81 inches. It’s inhumane.

However, he’ll probably fit in an electric chair.

And…..Who needs a checker to look after Brad Marchand?

And finally, Sean Avery the horse…

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