Jumping Out Of The Pages Of ‘The Sweater.’ Leo Likes His Habs.

The young boy in the middle, in his steet clothes, is Leo Brosseau. Leo grew up in Quebec in the 1930’s and ’40’s before moving west to Powell River to work in the mill and marry a local girl. He’s been here ever since.


He wasn’t able to play with his team for a while because of a broken arm so he became assistant coach to the coach/priest. That’s the priest in the back.


Leo, of course, is retired now, has recently beaten cancer, and every few years flies back to Montreal to see a game. He never fails to tell me what the team needs to do to improve. Leo knows his hockey.


This photo is a a real life version of Roch Carrier’s ‘The Sweater.’




3 thoughts on “Jumping Out Of The Pages Of ‘The Sweater.’ Leo Likes His Habs.”

  1. What a great picture.

    I was sent the link to this site from a friend of mine. Thx Brian. I know I will enjoy these stories.

    That picture takes me back to my days with my grandfather. Wood burning stove in the kitchen, grandmother making biscuits on a Saturday night, and I waiting for Hockey Night in Canada, and listening to grandfather tell me stories about his youth.

    Thanks for the great pic.

    God Bless Our Infantry

  2. Thanks Shane. And thanks Brian. I like it when people give my link to others.
    It is a great picture. It reminds me of a lot of things too. I even have several sweaters just like the ones they’re wearing.

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