Josh Gorges On Dotted Line

Finally, Josh Gorges has signed a new contract. It’s a one-year deal worth 2.5 million, and it finally puts to bed the pressing issue of getting this reliable defenceman inked and filed. Now there’s no arbitration, no nastiness, no squabbling or stomping of feet. All Josh has to do is have a great year, help the team in a big way, and then set himself up for some serious security. Maybe even buy himself another Dairy Queen.

Many were nervous, I think, when Gorges and Pierre Gauthier took their time agreeing on something. The thing I didn’t want to see was a nasty arbitration hearing. But it got done prior, just after the two Randy’s were hired to help JM, so Gauthier can now take off to the cottage for a few days with some big business attended to. 

Details can be found right here – Josh signs

Now we all can get down to the business of a Stanley Cup.

4 thoughts on “Josh Gorges On Dotted Line”

  1. That’s both great news but a bit disappointing. I was hoping for a 4 or 5 year deal. Reports indicate it’s for $2.5M which is very good value. We still have several million in cap space, how is Gauthier going to spend it?

    Since my last comment worked, Gauthier obviously reads this blog, I’ll try something even better. Gauthier shouldn’t you be working on ensuring that we win the Stanley Cup this year? Start planning the parade.

  2. I agree, Chris. Would’ve been nice not to worry about a new Gorges contract for several years. I’m sure the master plan is in effect.

  3. I’m really happy Josh is back. He is a key piece to the puzzle. He was missed last year so his addition will be a positive contribution.

  4. I think he’s key too, Danno. He’s not spectacular, just reliable, which is pretty important. I feel we’re a contender but everyone needs to be healthy.

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