Josh Gorges Has A Really Hard Head

Josh Gorges is with the team in Philadelphia, according to the Montreal Gazette. Hurray for Josh Gorges!

This is a guy who would have fit in in any decade. He could’ve played along side Eddie Shore, Cal Gardner, Doug Harvey, Sprague Cleghorn, Scott Stevens and any other bruiser at any time. And he’s not even a big guy.  He took a hundred mile an hour piece of hard rubber off the old noggin, and a few hours later he’s walking through an airport.

7 thoughts on “Josh Gorges Has A Really Hard Head”

  1. I can’t believe he practiced with the team today. For a few scary moments my wife and I were thinking the unthinkable as he lay motionless on the ice last night for what seemed an eternity. This is great news. Josh Gorges has got to be one of the toughest guys in hockey to rebound from a howitzer blast to the head like that. To soldier on to the next game is simply remarkable.

  2. You know what, Danno. For a few moments I felt the same unthinkable thing. I just wanted him to get up.

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