Josh Gorges Earns Security

The Canadiens have decided to do the right thing and give Josh Gorges, one of the team’s most relied-upon blueliners, a six-year, 3.9 million per, contract. And of course our man deserves it. He’s a leader, a shot-blocker extraordinaire, is solid, tough, and dependable, and no way could we afford to lose him. We’ve got enough non-dependables at the moment.

Josh was on a one-year deal worth 2.5 million, and now his new and improved ship has finally come in.

This is great news in a season of mostly bad news. Okay, who’s next?

14 thoughts on “Josh Gorges Earns Security”

  1. Maybe this is a sign of better things for the Habs.

    These tough times sure are testing our loyalty to this crazy club.

    Screw it. I still love the Habs no matter what.

  2. Everyone seems down on the Habs. Don’t see it myself. I thought they were doing well before Martin was fired given injuries and with more time and people returning they could still have done something good this year.

    Now that’s gone down the tubes and they are struggling to get back on track – still missing those who are injured – and reeling from the Marting firing. Regardless, there are some very good players on this roster and they will be fine with a few changes. I’m quite optimistic some good will come from all of this.

  3. Hey Dennis, What a great investment this is,I have always enjoyed watching Josh play for the Habs,he is a true defencman in a sport that rewards it’s star defencemen for scoring goals.I hope they can hang onto this guy for awhile,he is the real thing.

  4. Marjo, Price and Subban will need new contracts after this season. And we need them to stay. But PK has to pick it up a bit. he needs to continue growing up. I guess some take longer than others.

  5. V, I’ve said it all along that on paper they’re a good club. The problem is, too many slump at the same time. That has to stop and their power play has to start.

  6. Derry, Gorges is a big part of the team, kind of an unsung player.He gets the job done without being fancy, and I’m still hoping he buys the Dairy Queen here in town.

  7. Yay, finally some good news. Gorges is a big part of the reason our PK is one of the league’s best. I don’t know how we’re going to afford it, but he’s definitely worth it. 13 players signed for next year for $46.1M. With Price still to sign for $5M+ that will leave us slightly over $1M / player to fill out our roster. Hard to expect major game breakers at that price. And we still need to re-sign Subban, Diaz, Emelin and Eller.
    The next year will be even worse when our producers Pacioretty and Desharnais will receive major pay raises and with no major contracts expiring. It’s not until 2014-15 that we can really clean house. Or we need some block-buster Pollack-like deals.

  8. Gorges re-signs. Gauthier resigns?

    Pierre Gauthier will hold a conference this morning to announce that Josh Gorges has re-signed. There is speculation that maybe he will also announce that he has resigned as GM of the Canadiens.

    Stay tuned….

  9. It’s quite possible that we may be having a fire sale if things continue to go bad. That will free up some space for sure. Let’s hope we get some good draft picks from that.

    Gorges is a great signing. It would have cost less if it had been done last summer, but Gauthier being Gauthier, here we are. Gorges would be a great captain on this team. Him or Cole.

    I’m glad he’s here to stay and this is one of the best bits of news we’ve gotten in this miserable season!

  10. I’m glad they resigned JG. The cost may be a little high in comparison to other similar players but with consideration for the tax rates in Quebec it probobly works out similar to the others.
    While I don’t want to see the team tank I do want a higher draft pick than normal. This middle of the pack mentality gets us middle of the pack results. Coupled with GM’s that have made poor use of trading assets in a world where just making the play-offs is the goal and we have had a lack of high end draft choices. Trevor Timmins and his crew have done an excellent job with players given the draft position. We have no real idea of who they actually recomend to be picked just who the GM actual chooses. T.T. also had McDonaugh in our system before he was traded away. This team will go nowhere until it has an impact forward to lead them. Some-one to build around. Check out the past number of cup champs and you see the forwards that stand out. The closest we have is Cole but he is not the fellow to build around at his age. The Habs need a hero at forward. Gainey was targeting Lecavalier as that person until the league sqashed that deal. (Which I am eternally grateful to Bettman for doing.)
    To sum up my ramblings Montreal will not get better as a team until the GM/ ownership are willing to lose in order to aquire a young star forward they can build around. A Richard, Beliveau, Lafleur, Giroux type player. I hate the Flyers almost as much as Boston but I have to give them credit for building an exciting team and making full use of their assets. To bad they didn’t bite on the Carter for Halak deal though eh!

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