Josh Gorges – Dairy King

What do I do when it’s almost time to get out, greet a new day, and proceed down the highway to the ferry terminal so I can do my part in making sure the public travels happily and safely?

And what do I do when I’ve already bitched about the team’s previous night’s performance and am too lazy and running out of time to get into anything else worthwhile?

What do I do? Why of course, I steal a picture from Canadiens magazine of Josh Gorges helping out at a Dairy Queen. (His family owns three franchises in Kelowna, BC).

15 thoughts on “Josh Gorges – Dairy King”

  1. Dennis, at least if you’re going to be a criminal mastermind it’s for the right reason, which is the hoarding of more Habs bling. I promise not to rat you out to the cops.

    I love Gorgie, but not in that getup.

  2. His mom wishes he had a medical degree or studied law, but at least he has something to fall back on if this hockey thing doesn’t quite work out for him. I mean does it pay well? You spend a lot of time indoors. Is that healthy? How come all those boys who play for Toronto get on the golf course for two thirds of the year? We hardly see Josh one end of the year to the other. That Martin fella sure works the boy hard.

    Maybe he should come home for good. What with tips, particularly when all the tourists are in town, he could do well for himself.

    And we’re sure not getting any younger. Could do with some help around the place.

  3. Blue Bayou, what’s more important, a medical degree or a large vanilla sundae with chocolate syrup on top? What would you rather do, eat a beautiful Blizzard, or give a guy a prostate exam? Everything seems to be slanted towards Dairy Queen. And you’re so right – the Leafs get to golf all the time and it’s probably going to be that way until the world explodes. Does England have Dairy Queen and if not, why not?

  4. Dennis,

    Many things both good and bad have rolled up to these shores from the New World. But even as we did over half a century ago, when we scanned the grey waters of the Atlantic waiting for the next convoy to appear on the horizon, so now do we keep daily watch for the first Dairy Queen to come ashore.

    But every passing day brings only disappointment. I don’t know why.

    Although I’ve been in various parts of the US and small bits of Canada, I must confess the joys of the Dairy Queen have passed me by.

  5. Yes we do Gawd Bless ‘Er.

    But she is your Constitutional Monarch as well.

    If she had grown up with more hockey and less polo and horse racing it might have encouraged her to send more time with you……….

    See we’ve let you have some of our Queen and yet we are denied Dairy Queen.

    This globalization business needs to cut both ways.

  6. I like the stick hanging out of his neck with his name on it. Much better than wearing a name tag.

    blue bayou, Dairy Queen is American, the ultimate in Canadian restaurants is Tim Horton’s which we have shared with the UK. It’s the unfortunate folks in Powell River that had to suffer without until recently.

  7. I’ll look out for a Tim Horton’s though I can’t say one springs to mind.

    I finally got around to looking at where Powell River might be. It’s a secluded spot isn’t it. I can see how it might take time to get supplies into those folks.

    I got as far as Vancouver and Victoria back in the 90’s and always hoped to go back and get the boat that goes up to Juneau but my brother came back from Seattle and well time and tide, you know how it is.

  8. blue bayou, I might have overstated their presence. Their doughnuts are in some Spar convenience stores.

    Danno, was that Gosh Gorgeous, or Josh Gorgeous or Josh Gorges?

  9. Blue Bayou, it is secluded up here. Two ferries to get in and out. And if you took up to Juneau you might go right past my house on your way up. I’m the white house with brown shutters.

  10. Dennis, Josh probably feels at home in cooler environments, e.g. on the ice or manning the soft serve machine. Thanks for sharing.

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