John Scott A Hab?


Above, a new Hab and an ex-Hab. Will the new one be as fantastic as the old one?

I come home and see this? Big John Scott traded to Montreal from Arizona for Jarred Tinordi, with a bunch of other names and Nashville involved, although these don’t matter.

Sam Pollock, looking down from above, sure must be impressed.

Finally, the team’s goal scoring problems have been addressed. Big John has notched 5 goals and 6 assists in his 285 games, which is awesome because we all know it’s hard to score in the NHL, and he did it 5 freakin’ times!

This is fantastic. Now we wait to see who will score first, John or Tomas Plekanec.

And 5 goals in 285 games is almost exactly what the Canadiens as a whole are doing.

Big John reminds me in many ways of Guy Lafleur, Rocket, and Jean Beliveau. He knows how to skate, sort of, and those three could skate too, albeit way better.

Beliveau was big, but John, standing 6’8″ and weighing 260 pounds, is bigger, so that’s good, right?

And he’s an all-star like them. Fan%$#&tastic! Forget about the difference between fans voting John in as a joke while Guy, Rocket, and Jean got there by merit. This is only a technicality. They all put on their all-star sweaters the same way.

I’m sure there are other similarities too. But right now, with the numbness in my brain, I can’t think of any.

Anyway, who needs a young, skilled, huge, rough d-man like Tinordi who was also a first round draft pick. When the opportunity to grab John Scott arises, you take it.

Beauty trade, Marc Bergevin.

I need a drink.


22 thoughts on “John Scott A Hab?”

  1. Scott has already been assigned to St. John’s so it’s Scott for Stefan Fournier and Tinordi for Victor Bartley.

    This is a massive WTF. Is Bergevin panicking and making changes just for the sake of change? Why did he wait half the season for this loser of a trade??? My only explanation is that he needed to free up a roster spot for more changes and couldn’t reassign Tinordi to the AHL since we would have lost him for nothing, unlike Bartley who no one wants. Some people collect Beehive hockey photos, Bergevin collects #8 depth defenceman.

    To make this trade happen, Arizona traded Stefan Elliott, a 24 year old 2nd round draft pick with 8 goals, 24 points in 82 career games to Nashville for Bartley, a never drafted 27 year old with 1 goal and 23 points in 112 career games. On paper it seems we would have been better off with Elliott? Of course every GM and coach would probably say that we were better off with a 23 year old, 6’6″, 230 pound 1st round draft pick.

    I’m not even sure that 33 year old Scott is a real improvement over the 23 year old, 6’3″, 224 pound Fournier who also seems to be a fighter.

    The only good news is that we’re not really losing anything since Therrien has already ruined Tinordi for us.

  2. It’s a shame how they handled Tinordi. He was barely given any chance at all. Like you say, Christopher, this is a massive WTF. And now I hear that Scott might not be allowed to play in the All-Star Game, even though he made it fair and square through a voting plan implemented by the league. I’m happy for Tinordi, but that’s the extent of this weird and wild transaction.

  3. Definitely not an improvement, eh Ron? I’m truly coming to grips with the fact they might not make the postseason. Very sad. I thought this could be the year.

  4. Yes Tinordi is by far the big winner in this with the opportunity to restart his career away from Therrien.

    And Scott is the big loser if the NHL decides that since he’s no longer in the NHL and no longer a member of the same team or conference, they can retroactively exclude him from their joke of an all-star selection process.

  5. Here’s hoping, Frank. The team is going nowhere fast and changes are needed. And not AHL changes.

  6. The level of sarcasm in this post tastes better than my favourite merlot. Ah Dennis. I feel you. Not literally cause that’d be weird… but I feel your pain.

  7. Dennis, we misused tinordi. I think we will get more use out of big john if he ever plays for us. I kinda doubt he will stick. I hope he gets a few games and gets ten of our guys to grow some nuts. If I were john I’d be ousted off, with the dollar being so low.

  8. Mayo I agree…our bunch need to grow something…they are the softest team I have ever witnessed as a Habs team.

    Now call me a softie but I genuinely feel sad for John Scott. He is the victim here. Us being fans don’t just say negative things about him we say personal things about him. In our passion to condemn the trade we insult John Scott. Imagine being him reading (how could he not )how terrible you are…he is reportedly a really nice guy who does what he does to earn a living the best way he can. I hope people reflect on the real issue here….maybe there is something at work here to eliminate him from the ASG…if true I sincerely hope it can be proven and he sues the ass off the NHL and the Habs for it. I’ve been a fan of this team for over 50 years and can’t remember a time where the team has looked this bad on and off the ice…well maybe when the Ghost was at the reins. MB and MT are running a close second but will eventually be in the lead. We suck as an organization I feel.

  9. I read a good comment elsewhere that he was brought in specifically for our farm team to protect mccarron, as he was getting challenged a lot down there. This makes sense as tinordi got into a bad fight a year ago that likely affected his play afterwards.

  10. It sort of makes sense, Mayo, only it would probably be the first time in the history of hockey a 6’8″ 33-year old was brought in to protect a 6’6″ 20-year old who can handle himself fairly well.

  11. Cliff, it’s bad, real bad. But it’s not the only piss poor season. Check out 1996-97, or 2006-07, or 1998-99.

  12. lol that is a good point. I don’t know about that. Our power forward is 6’3 and plays like someone 5’4″ and our 5’8 #1 centre plays like a 4’11 child. Our 5’9″ #11 brick shit house plays like a 6’3″ power forward. I think a 33 year old is much much tougher than a 20 year old child. John Scott has fought Parros. That would age and mature a man pretty quick. Maybe he has leadership qualities (intangible). We lost something in Prust. Prust ran around pretty crazy when we last played the canucks. Nobody held him accountable. I’m not holding out hope. I think there has to be another trade coming. Very disappointed.

  13. Either another trade is coming or Bergevin has lost his marbles. Carr and Andrighetto who were producing offence and actually scoring were returned to St. John’s and the more defensive DeLaRose was called up. We need goals and that makes things worse, so I’m going to start my own rumours.

    1) It’s an exhibition for DeLaRose to show his stuff. If Yzerman is satisfied, he and Pateryn will be traded for Drouin and either a jock strap or cap hit.
    2) DeLaRose will take over Eller’s defensive responsibilities on the Galchenyuk line. Then Eller and a draft pick will be traded for a UFA with more scoring ability.

  14. The only way this makes any kind of sense has to be logistical. I’m no expert on this side of things but Tinordi was taking up a roster spot because they knew they couldn’t send him down or he’d be claimed and they’d get nothing. By trading him for guys who won’t be claimed they free up that roster spot which could mean another trade is in the works. If this holds water then the question might be which looks worse, trading a first rounder for 2 barely warm bodies or losing a first rounder when you try to wave him and get nothing in return? I don’t know but this makes Mtl look really bad.

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