John Moore – Who Is He Again?

Ain’t it strange how things go. Some guy named John Moore gets two games for giving Dale Weise what looks to be a concussion, and very soon Moore will have to have his brain analyzed by doctors as they study why some people are more stupid than others.

The Rangers become  short a defenceman going into a crucial game 6. Some of their toughness, for lack of a better word, is now on the sidelines. The Canadiens, seeing their fallen comrade Weise take an illegal blow in the heat of the action, dig down and find the wherewithal in hurting the Rangers where it hurts the most.

Not the gonads. The series.

Full disclosure here. I’d never heard of John Moore until the series began. Am I bad?

But here’s some of his numbers:

2 games with the Columbus Blue Jackets in 2010-11.

67 games with the Jackets in 2011-12

17 games with the Jackets in 2012-13 and13 games with the Rangers in the same year.

74 games this season with the Rangers.

173 NHL games and I had never heard of him. I gotta start paying more attention. But I see in looking at his scoring  and penalty numbers during his time in the league, he’s a bum with 7 goals, 22 assists, and 40 PIM in those 173 games.

And in this postseason he’s also a bum, with 1 assist and 16 penalty minutes in 17 games.

So what if they lose this guy? He’s a non-entity. A bum. Why couldn’t it be Ryan McDonagh. This guy Moore? He’s nothing. He’s like an extra in the Ten Commandants.

Do I think two games is enough? Sure, why not?

It takes it to the end of the series. Any more than that wouldn’t affect me if the Habs aren’t involved. If it had occurred earlier in the series, like the start, I’d say give him seven games. If the series was midway through, give him four games.

But now going into game six, give him two, he’s gone, and we don’t have to figure out who he is and why he isn’t selling vacuum cleaners door to door.

And hopefully Dale Weise  is okay and ready to go when the boys tackle the Western Conference champs. Because when Dale is going, the team seems to be going. A character player deluxe.


5 thoughts on “John Moore – Who Is He Again?”

  1. I still can’t believe that head butt was not suspendable. The NHL is bush league. People say, “these kinds of hits are exactly what the NHL is trying to get rid of.” But they continue to slap people on the wrists. If someone gets suspended then it is 5 games, the second 10, third 20, fourth 50, fifth you are banished for life. And that applies to Montreal, New York and all the other teams. I guess the problem is that teams like boston would only have half their team left. Cooke would have been gone long ago. Unless something like that happens then the NHL will have to live with the level of violence it has now.
    Bob Gainey was one of the hardest hitters of his time but no one went after him. it was always clean…….

  2. Seems John Moore doesn’t get too much respect, even from his coach.

    From HI/O

    New York coach Alain Vigneault spoke with the media after the Rangers’ morning skate and was asked about the two-game suspension for Moore.

    “Doesn’t matter,” he said. ” So I don’t have any reaction.”

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