John McCormack Is A Bit Scuffed Up

Not exactly a household name, nonetheless, John McCormack played 164 regular season games for the Montreal Canadiens and got himself a Stanley Cup with the bleu, blanc et rouge. He also managed to get his own Bee Hive photo, which I just found recently.

Yes it’s a little scuffed up and has two tiny staple holes in it, but it’s quite rare as are all Bee Hives that feature players most have never heard of. Kids everywhere were sending in their Bee Hive labels for their free pictures of the Rocket and Beliveau and other stars around the league, but no one wanted the non-stars like McCormack, thus making these Bee Hives much more rare and valuable than the stars.

Of the 77 Group 2 Beehive Habs pics, (1944-64), I have 68 of them, only missing Tod Campeau, Murph Chamberlain, Gerry Couture, Ed Dorohoy, John Hanna, Vern Kaiser, Frank King, Ross Lowe, and George Robertson. I expect it to take me a few years but I’ll find them. Maybe.

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