John And Yoko – Two Habs Virgins

I think it was their own special way of saying “Go Habs!”


I bought Two Virgins when I was in England in 1968, near the time of its release (which was only a few weeks before the release of the Beatles’ beautiful White Album), and before it was sold in America in a brown paper sleeve to cover up the body parts.

It’s a terrible album, consisting of John and Yoko shrieking and sending out other stupid noises that would make cats in heat sound like the Vienna Boys Choir.

At one point I sold it, which I’ve always regretted, probably because it was one of the few souvenirs I had of my trip to England. I hadn’t even brought a camera, which is the biggest regret.

I recently found this one at a used record store in Ontario, and even though it’s in rough shape, it was my chance to get the thing back. Even though it’s a ridiculous body of work. (“body”. Get it?)

I can’t imagine what the other three Beatles thought of this. Or John’s wife Cynthia, who was holidaying in Greece when Yoko came over for a sleepover at the Lennon home and contributed her body and shrieks to this thing.

4 thoughts on “John And Yoko – Two Habs Virgins”

  1. i always regretted not owning this album. Not when it first appeared but years later when I saw one in a used record shop and didn’t buy it. Silly me.

    Oh…definitely not because of the…ahem…music.

  2. It’s become quite rare and desirable for collectors, Joel, but definitely, like you say, not for the “music”. One of John’s weirder moments did sure. As an aside, I put the blog link on Facebook and it disappeared. So I guess the FB police didn’t appreciate it.

  3. Facebook has a nudity policy, which is good. But I had Habs crests on all the relevant parts. Maybe they’re Stones people and not Beatles people.

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