John And Yoko On The Power Play

My friend Robert Lefevbre sent me these pictures today of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in Montreal in 1969 for their seven-day Bed-In for peace.

I’d never seen these before. I love them.

Bernie Geoffrion wore number five from 1951 to ’64, and in 1968 Gilles Tremblay donned the sweater for two years, retiring just before these photos were taken.

Lennon, being a huge hockey fan of course, said the following. Or maybe I was on acid and just think he said the following.

“I don’t mind Fergy playing a rough style, but I can’t stand what Ted Green does, especially with his stick,” said John to the room packed with all types of people. “This sort of thing should be taken out of the game. That’s why I’m here for this Bed-In. To end violence in hockey. Give peace a chance.”

John and Yoko then started humming the Imperial Oil Hockey Night in Canada theme, joined by Tommy Smothers and Timothy Leary, two other huge hockey fans.

Boom Boom Lennon

John Lennon and Yoko Ono Receiving Gift

5 thoughts on “John And Yoko On The Power Play”

  1. Glad to see these photos on your blog.. a bit of a clarification.
    1. picture was taken in Dec 1969 months after the bed-in in June.
    2. The number on the jersey is actually 15.. Bobby Rosseau
    How do i know?.. I bought that game worn jersey at
    McNeices Sports for $15.00 (that’s what they sold for-
    new jerseys were $22.)..and presented to John as well as the toques that they are both wearing.

    John and Yoko had just spent a week in Toronto…and i figured that it would really piss off Leaf fans.. if he showed up with a Habs jersey.. The photo made the front page of the Sports
    Section in The Gazette or Mtl. Star the following day.

    Mission accomplished… i wonder where that jersey is now?

  2. Great story Ed. Wow! Did McNeice’s usually sell Habs game-worn sweaters or was this a one-time thing?

  3. Dennis… thanks for replying..,,as far as i know.. it was a regular thing. I bought a new jersey shortly afterwards
    and my friends laughed at me when i wore it in the
    summertime… how things have changed,

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