Joe And His New Book

If one would take the highway north from Powell River, where I live, to Terrace, where Joe Pelletier lives, it might only take six or seven hours.

If there was a highway.

Unfortunately, the road up the west coast ends just 30 kilometres north of Powell River, so to get to Terrace you have to go south to Vancouver and then head up through the interior, and you’re looking at about 18 or 20 hours instead of six.

But one day I’d like to make the trek. Because I’d like to meet and talk hockey with Joe Pelletier.

When I first started this blog four years ago, one of the first things I did was contact Joe, a well-known hockey historian, author of three great websites Greatest Hockey Legends, Hockey Book Reviews, and 1972 Summit Series, where he’s included several photos of items from my own Summit Series collection.

I asked Joe to please have a look at my blog and give his feedback and advice, because I really didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning. I was only just learning what a blog was at the time. He had a look at what I had done up to that point, and he told me I had a nice site and it looked really good to him. I was grateful, and we’ve kept in touch off and on ever since. Even now, he offers encouragement, saying I should write a book about the Summit Series.

Joe has a brand new eBook, just released, called Pucks On The Net, and all the necessary details, along with a brief look at Joe himself, can be seen here, at Pucks On The Net. It’s looks fantastic, and I’m wishing nothing but the best for this fellow from Terrace, just six hours up the road.

If there was a road.

8 thoughts on “Joe And His New Book”

  1. I just checked out his sites and is great and I was surprised o see how regularly he updates it. It is now definitely in my daily hockey reading.

  2. Hey Dennis,Hey if your heading north in the future(hopefully within the next four years),drop in here as well,although it is out of the way if you are heading to Terrace.We would probably have to meet in Prince George before you venture west again….ah shit we can just wait till next year and get together in Powell River.Weather is getting cool now,Brendan is in his last couple of days in Bali,before heading back to Afghanistan for a couple of months.

  3. This is one of the things that I love about your blog, and which makes it different from lots of the others, that you write about the history of the game particularly with reference to your own experience and memories – it’s a great education.

    I love to read hockey books – my collection is growing rapidly and recommendations are always gratefully received.

    Thanks also for signposting me to Mr. Pelletiers work.

  4. What a detour. If it was really pretty countryside then I wouldn’t mind it. If not, then it can be hard to take.

    You could also build a gigantic catapult and aim it in his direction but then you’d be stuck without a car after your visit sad to say. 🙂

  5. Yeah, Darth. Then I’d have to catapult back again. I’ve never been up to northern BC at all and I’d like to see these places. Not just Terrace but Prince George and Fort St. John and a bunch of others. But I have so many other places higher up my list, like Montreal and New York and Ottawa and San Francisco and LA and Paris, and of course the Paris of North America – Orillia.

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