Joe And Big Bird Ball

I’ve learned to not get too excited about rumours until they edge closer to fact, but I sure like the idea of Larry Robinson coming back to Montreal as coach or assistant coach. Apparently he’s just waiting to be asked. So Mr. Bergevin, ask him please.

I also like the “Evander Kane coming to Montreal” rumour, not only because he was a 30-goal scorer this year in Winnipeg, but also because I could finally see “Kane” on the back of a Habs’ sweater.

And speaking of Robinson:

In Ottawa in the 1970’s, there was a tremendous fastball team called Turpin Pontiac who were one of the best ball teams in Canada. I used to love going to games involving Turpin and other teams from the great Ottawa Valley Fastball League. It was really fine ball, played by guys who executed like poetry in motion.

Turpin had a glasses-wearing pitcher named Joe Belisle who looked like Dennis the Menace’s father. He seemed to weigh about 140 pounds, with his pitching arm much bigger than his other arm. This was a guy who threw mostly 1 or 2 hitters, with many no-hitters added for good measure. And the other teams such as Hull Volant were certainly no slouches so Joe always had his work cut out for him, and more often than not got the job done in classic fashion..

Joe was well-known in the Ottawa area, but not quite as well-known as one of his teammates. There was an outfielder, a big, strapping long-ball hitting red-headed farm boy named Larry Robinson, who, after ball season had ended and the air grew chilly, played defence for the Montreal Canadiens.

13 thoughts on “Joe And Big Bird Ball”

  1. Having Robinson come back would make me jump for joy like a little kid. It all depends on who our new coach will be – he’ll have to pick his crew and I hope he’d be on the ball enough to get him. It’d be one hell of a pick-up this summer.

    The rumors can be pretty interesting. I’ve heard of Crosby coming here, Eric Staal, Jordan Staal, Getzlaf, Nash, etc. Who knows what will happen but knowing we have a well-liked GM now who actually wants to win certainly makes things interesting. I can’t wait to see what this team will look like this year.

    We wouldn’t hear anything about Robinson until after the playoffs but I hope it happens.

  2. Danno, that was sweet. Now I really want him to come to Montreal. Is Gomez gone yet?

  3. Mike, if it’s Phoenix and NJ, I’ll be spending more time cutting my lawn. Talk about a non-glamourous final.

  4. Darth, I can’t wait for the juicy news to start up. Then we can start planning the parade route. Is Gomez gone yet?

  5. DK, If the Canadiens are out of it I for one would not mind seeing Marty go out in style!!

  6. Mike, Marty should’ve been a Hab. It was in his blood, and it would’ve been perfect. NJ could do it. They’ve lookked good from the little bit I’ve seen. Parise would make a good Hab too.

  7. A lot of people have said, and myself included, i don’t want my team just sneaking into the playoffs but rather, I want my team to be real solid cup contender….. I’ve changed my thinking on that. As the old saying goes, just make the playoffs and anything can happen. Never has that been more true than now. In a league with 29 mediocre teams, Columbus just out and out stinks, there are no elite, solid contenders. Parity has bred mediocrity, which makes a Phoenix – NJ final a real possibility. Who woulda thunk? I for one hope it happens. The lousy TV ratings would look good on Badman’s legion of bush leaguers and expose it for what it really is…….. I’m sorry Mr. Gainey, but making shot blocking a penalty is retarded, up there with 2 minutes for breaking a stick.

  8. Mike, a bikini hockey league reality show! Holy mackerel! This might be where I could be stickboy!

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