Joannie Rochette Wins For Her Mom

Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette, whose mom died just a few days ago, and who has touched our hearts with her courageous skating, has won bronze.

I have no words for this. I well up as I tap the keys on the keyboard. Joannie’s mom had come to Vancouver to watch her girl compete on the world stage, and tragedy struck. But Joannie carried on and now has a medal around her neck.

Canadians are proud of you, Joannie. And your mom is proud of you too.

5 thoughts on “Joannie Rochette Wins For Her Mom”

  1. I never thought i’d live to see the day that i got emotional watching figure skating. What an unbelievable story. The heart that girl showed over the past couple days/nights was absolutely incredible. As a proud Canadian I’m more proud of that bronze medal then I am of any gold medal we have won up to this point.

  2. Her skating was beautiful and deserved a medal. Her courage is inspirational and deserves much more than gold.

  3. Jordy, it’s a big story that will live for years. I’m sure her dad was there somewhere. Must be hard for him too.

  4. Hey Dennis;This was a story that increased the sales of scott tissues.What a performanc this girl had.I too was emotional as Jordy stated.Her dad was there,sitting on the fence between happiness and sadness.It didnt matter if Joannie had won gold,silver,or bronze or anything for that matte.rJust the fact that she came and competed shows the world what she is made from. Beautiful

  5. Yeah, Derry, even if she wouldn’t have won a medal she’d still be maybe the biggest story of the Olympics.

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