Jim Ralph Found Another Way

I remember Jim Ralph when he was a goalie for the Ottawa 67’s in the 1970’s. He was never a great backstopper, and his career didn’t amount to much, just bouncing around the minors for a decade after junior, and he never made it to the bigs.

But there’s one thing about Jim Ralph – he’s a funny guy, which has led to many, many television gigs and speaking engagements around North America. Ralph settled in nicely, doing what he does best, after his playing days were finished.

Here’s a sampling, with Ken Dryden, Wayne Gretzky, Gary Bettman and others chuckling away and having a grand old time listening to him.

3 thoughts on “Jim Ralph Found Another Way”

  1. Dennis, I think I have seen that video before and will watch tonight when i am not working. Off topic question:

    How does the NHL keep track of oall the stats like each players timeon ice, shots, shot blocked, plus minus? and the other 2 dozen stats they keep.Do they have an army of people with stop watches and note pads? or do they insert electronic chips in the players skates? Just wondering.

  2. I’ve always wondered about that too. It would be a huge task to do manually and would be easy to make mistakes.

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