9 thoughts on “Jesus Is A Habs Fan”

  1. When I think of the Habs this year, I think of Job. I bet since Jesus is a real Habs fan that he’s testing out the Habs fans to see who is truly a fan or not. Those who are true fans will be rewarded with an eventual Stanley Cup win, others will have to live with the knowledge that they are lame band-wagon fans. 🙂

    My wisdom is deep…as a bird-bath, but at least something’s there.

  2. Darth, this is going to be my new saying when I do something I’m proud of at work or at home or wherever – my wisdom is deep as a bird bath. Thank you very much.

  3. Marjo, I’ve been looking at The Last Supper and you’re right. It seems the CH is all over the place. I can’t be exactly sure but it seems like it.

  4. Sadly it sometimes takes an ice age between them, but you can’t win them all. **

    Not sure if you know this one, my uncle told me this one years ago:

    If you’re busy and someone asks you if you’re busy, you say:

    I’m busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest!!!

  5. jesus??? a habs fan??? i don’t think i like that………….. what is needed is a truly reactionary god…….. how about if allah ( praise be onto him) calls up his #1 prophet, mohamed, who with his direct contact on earth, tells the grand ayatollah to talk to his imam, who would contract the most radical sheikh to commission an A team terrorist, who would promise some luckless suicide bomber 72 virgins to blow this god-damn team up so they can rebuild

  6. Hobo, that’s a plan, but they beat the Leafs last night so I’m thinking parade route now. We can’t mess with a streak. But a good plan though if they go back on a losing streak.

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