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Recently I talked about a fellow I ran into during the Bell Centre tour who just happened to be a fellow from San Jose I’ve been writing back and forth to for several years. He’s from Montreal, grew up with the ’70s Habs dynasty, and we talk hockey and the city.

I didn’t even know what he looked like and he wasn’t sure about me. But we bumped into each other at the Bell. How weird is that?

Jerry read yesterday’s post about McGill University and Bar B Barn restaurant, and he sent me an email from San Jose.

“My brother worked at the Barb B Barn when he was a student over 30 years ago.  He asked me if I wanted a job there and I worked one day and quit. The McConnell engineering building at McGill is the building where I took most of my classes. On the 1st day of the electrical engineering orientation, a professor walked up to the front of the class and said look on your left, look on your right, one of you won’t be here in a year.

The failure rate was about 33% after a year.  I heard they give the same speech these days. 

I actually hate McGill and will not give them any money.  They like to call themselves the Harvard of the north and I heard that in one episode of the Simpsons that it was mentioned as such.  If McGill charged as much as Harvard, no one would go there.  The tuition for McGill is probably around $4k for a Quebecer.  Harvard is a private school and charges around $45k a year.  The acceptance rate at McGill is around 45%.  Harvard is 7%. 

After the professor mentioned the failure rate and talked about a few other things, he quickly left the room with the other professors.  A bunch of older students then brought out a film projector and started to show hard core porno.  I don’t think that would fly these days.”




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