Jennifer Heil Strikes Silver

Canada’s Jennifer Heil won Canada’s first medal Saturday night, winning silver in women’s moguls.

Moguls has to be one of the most difficult and demanding sports in the Olympics. I went over moguls once on a small hill when I was a reasonally lousy skier and I rattled my brain so much I don’t think I’ve ever recovered. Also my knees. And I was going in slow motion compared to what Heil and her counterparts do.

I mean real slow. I was going so slow I was almost stopped. And it still just about killed me.

So good for Jennifer. She was expecting gold but she got silver. It’s still darn good.

Jennifer’s official website is right here.

4 thoughts on “Jennifer Heil Strikes Silver”

  1. I used to be a mogul muncher but I’m way too scared of heights to do any fancy flip jumps.

    I sacrificed my love of moguls when I gave up skiing for snowboarding. I just can’t do it with my snowboard. I just love carving with my snowboard instead, especially on wide trails with no one on them.

  2. 31, I admire you so much for being a moguls skier. It’s so hard I don’t know how you did it. Good for you.

  3. Jan, I can hardly wait for 2012 when I’ll be in the summer Olympics as a gymnast. I haven’t started training yet because there’s still lots of time.

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