6 thoughts on “Jean Beliveau, King Of Kings”

  1. There is no classier man of sport than Mr. Jean Beliveau. The man is such a giant and such a good soul he just radiates greatness by being honest and true. Jean Beliveau I love you.

  2. The classiest of the class,Le Gros Bill was not only a great athlete ,he is a very great person as well.I like to read stories like this Dennis,I wish all pro athletes had the kind of ablity that Jean has.

  3. That is so cool! Congrats. Mr. Beliveau is such a gentleman. I hope you’ll keep him on as club ambassador when you own the Habs Dennis.

  4. Dennis not only is Mr. Belieau a great ambassador for hockey and a class act, he is educated too boot! You can actually read his signature and note. Imagine that!

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